In Valorant, teamwork and synergy between agents can create devastating combos that leave opponents helpless. However, fear not! There’s always a way to outsmart your enemies and counter their well-coordinated strategies. In this guide, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and tactics to counter popular agent combos and turn the tables in your favor.

1.Sage’s Barrier + Cypher’s Tripwires

When facing this combo, be cautious when pushing through Sage’s Barrier. Cypher’s tripwires might be lurking on the other side, revealing your position. To counter, use flashes or smokes to obscure vision and disable tripwires before advancing.

2. Brimstone’s Sky Smokes + Omen’s Dark Cover

Brimstone and Omen can create a cloud of smokes, making it difficult to see and navigate. To counter, use abilities like Sova’s Recon Bolt or Breach’s Fault Line to reveal enemy positions within the smokes and exploit their vulnerability.

3. Sova’s Recon Bolt + Viper’s Toxic Screen

This combo provides valuable intel and blocks vision with Viper’s Toxic Screen. To counter, shoot Sova’s Recon Bolt before it reveals your team’s location. Additionally, Jett’s Updraft or Raze’s Blast Pack can help your team gain elevated positions and avoid the toxic ground.

4. Raze’s Paint Shells + Killjoy’s Nanoswarm 

These abilities can lock down an area, preventing you from pushing or retaking sites. To counter, deploy Sage’s Barrier to block the line of sight of Raze’s grenades or use Breach’s Aftershock to clear out Killjoy’s Nanoswarm.

5. Phoenix’s Curveball + Breach’s Flashpoint

This combo can leave your team temporarily blinded and vulnerable. To counter, communicate with your team and turn away from the flashes when possible. Alternatively, deploy smokes or Viper’s Toxic Screen to minimize the impact.

6. Reyna’s Leer + Yoru’s Fakeout

Reyna’s Leer can obscure vision while Yoru’s Fakeout mimics footsteps. To counter, listen for audio cues to differentiate Yoru’s fake footsteps from real ones. Additionally, use flashes or smokes to disrupt Reyna’s line of sight.

7. Omen’s Paranoia + Phoenix’s Hot Hands

Omen’s Paranoia can blind enemies, and Phoenix’s Hot Hands can force them out of cover. To counter, spread out to minimize the impact of Omen’s Paranoia and position yourself to avoid Phoenix’s flames.

8. Cypher’s Spycam + Sova’s Shock Bolt

This combo can reveal your team’s location and inflict damage. To counter, communicate and avoid grouping up in predictable spots. Shoot Cypher’s Spycam and avoid clustered positions to minimize the effectiveness of Sova’s Shock Bolt.

9. Jett’s Updraft + Raze’s Blast Pack

This combo allows for aggressive plays and surprise attacks from elevated positions. To counter, use agents like Sage or Killjoy to slow down their advances and deny Jett’s Updraft. Stay vigilant and anticipate their moves.

10. Brimstone’s Ultimate + Viper’s Ultimate

This deadly combo can zone out entire areas and force enemies into vulnerable positions. To counter, spread out and avoid clumping together to minimize the impact of their ultimates. Use smokes or flashes to disrupt their vision and coordination.

By understanding these popular agent combos and employing the right tactics, you can effectively counter your opponents and gain the upper hand in Valorant. Remember, communication, positioning, and smart ability usage are key to outsmarting your foes and securing victory for your team. So step onto the battlefield with confidence, adapt your strategies, and be the ultimate counter-strategist in Valorant!