The Hyderabad Hydras, a renowned Indian esports organization, recently made waves in the gaming community by announcing their new BGMI roster. With the addition of seasoned players Ultron and JokerOG, the team is poised to make a mark in the BGMI competitive scene. This article delves into the details of the Hyderabad Hydras’ roster and the potential it holds for future success.

Hyderabad Hydras’ Impressive BGMI Roster: A New Era Begins

The Hyderabad Hydras, after bidding farewell to their old team, have assembled a formidable BGMI roster. Comprising Ultron, JokerOG, Bopedope, and DoomeOp, this lineup promises an exciting future for the organization. With the experience and track record of Ultron and JokerOG, the Hyderabad Hydras are eager to make their mark on the competitive BGMI landscape.

The Experience and Skill of Ultron and JokerOG: A Dynamic Duo

Ultron and JokerOG, two highly experienced players in the Indian gaming industry, bring a wealth of skill and expertise to the Hyderabad Hydras. Having previously competed for teams like 8bit and INS, they have proven their mettle and showcased their abilities on numerous occasions. With Ultron’s stints with Galaxy Racer, Nigma Galaxy, Team Xspark, and 8bit, and JokerOG’s remarkable performances, the duo is well-prepared to propel the Hyderabad Hydras to new heights.

The Potential for Success: Reaching New Heights

With the addition of Ultron and JokerOG, the Hyderabad Hydras’ BGMI roster appears exceptionally strong on paper. The combination of experience, skill, and teamwork within the team creates a strong possibility for the Hyderabad Hydras to become a dominant force in the BGMI competitive scene. As fans and enthusiasts eagerly await upcoming competitions, all eyes will be on the Hyderabad Hydras to witness the potential of this talented roster.

A New Content Creator: Expanding the Reach

In addition to unveiling their new BGMI lineup, the Hyderabad Hydras announced Achanak Bayanak Gaming as a content creator. With over 2.5 lakh YouTube subscribers, Achanak Bayanak Gaming’s partnership with the Hyderabad Hydras will provide a significant boost to the team’s visibility and engagement. As the organization continues to grow and expand its presence, this collaboration is expected to contribute to their overall success.


The Hyderabad Hydras have set the stage for an exciting chapter in their BGMI journey with the announcement of their new roster. With the inclusion of Ultron and JokerOG, along with the talented additions of Bopedope and DoomeOp, the team has the potential to reach new heights and establish themselves as a formidable presence in the BGMI competitive scene. As the future unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming competitions to witness the immense talent and capabilities of this Hyderabad Hydras lineup.