Kronten's Jabs at Mortal on Stream: The BGMI Controversy Unveiled

The BGMI esports scene has been ablaze with controversy following Kronten's latest YouTube stream. In a dramatic turn of events, Kronten took a jab at Mortal from S8ul, sparking a heated exchange that had the entire gaming community talking. In this article, we delve deep into the GodLike vs. S8ul controversy, dissecting the events, reactions, and the aftermath.

The Background

GodLike, a prominent BGMI esports franchise, had recently faced some tough times, including a roster announcement that invited trolling from S8ul enthusiasts. Fans of GodLike were quick to defend their team, setting the stage for the ongoing controversy.

Kronten's Sarcastic Retort

During his stream, Kronten didn't hold back. He sarcastically called out Mortal and made remarks aimed at their detractors. This lit the fuse for a fiery debate, with other players chiming in on the matter.

The GodLike Dilemma

In recent days, concerning news about GodLike Esports had been circulating online, attracting the attention of the BGMI community. When asked about it during his stream, Kronten responded with a surprising twist, suggesting that those who trolled GodLike were just having fun.

Unmasking the Pretenders

Kronten didn't stop there. He criticized those who pretended to be remorseful about GodLike's disbandment, implying that their sorrow was merely a facade for the camera. Many speculated that this was a direct response to Scout's reaction to GodLike's disbandment.

The "Dead" Player Controversy

In another intriguing twist, Kronten urged fans not to mention any "dead" BGMI players in the comments during his stream. While he didn't specify names, this statement was widely interpreted as a dig at Mortal, a member of S8ul.

8Bit's Swift Response

8Bit, known allies of S8ul Esports, wasted no time in responding to Kronten's comments. The controversy quickly spilled onto Twitter, where Regaltos from 8Bit voiced his disapproval of Kronten's actions.

Support for Mortal

Amidst the turmoil, a Twitter user with the handle @FarziCricketer voiced his support for Mortal, stating that Mortal deserved respect, regardless of the situation. Thug retweeted this message, confirming that Kronten's remarks were indeed aimed at Mortal.

Mortal's Response

Mortal, in an admirable display of maturity, responded to the controversy by acknowledging that trolling is a part of the gaming ecosystem. He thanked his fans for their support and emphasized the need for balanced interactions.

Kronten's Apology

In a recent livestream, Kronten clarified that his remarks were meant in jest and expressed surprise at the intensity of the reaction. He also extended an apology to Mortal for any offense caused, acknowledging that he may have crossed a line.


The BGMI community witnessed an explosive controversy as Kronten's jabs at Mortal ignited a passionate debate. While tempers flared and words were exchanged, it's clear that both Kronten and Mortal value the spirit of gaming and are willing to move past this incident. As the esports scene continues to evolve, such incidents remind us of the passions and camaraderie within the gaming world.

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