Mass Effect 4 Leak Suggests Game is Ditching Andromeda Feature

The Mass Effect franchise has been a staple of the gaming world, with its epic space-faring adventures and rich storytelling. However, the reception of the fourth installment, Mass Effect: Andromeda, was polarizing, particularly due to its semi-open-world approach. Now, a recent leak suggests that BioWare is gearing up to take a different direction with Mass Effect 4, potentially abandoning the open-world elements that divided fans. In this article, we delve into the leak and what this change might mean for the future of Mass Effect.

The Andromeda Critique

Mass Effect: Andromeda introduced open-world elements to the series, a departure from the more linear gameplay of the original trilogy. While this shift aimed to provide players with a broader exploration experience, it didn't resonate well with everyone. Many fans criticized Andromeda, expressing a preference for the more linear gameplay seen in earlier titles.

BioWare's Commitment to Mass Effect 4

Despite the mixed reception of Andromeda, BioWare remained committed to the Mass Effect franchise. In 2020, they announced their plans to develop the next installment, tentatively titled Mass Effect 4. Teasers have been shared since then, but the gameplay reveal is still pending. This leaves fans wondering how far the development has progressed.

The Rumor and Classic Format

Mass Effect 4

The recent leak, as reported by Windows Central's Jez Corden during The Xbox Two Podcast, suggests that Mass Effect 4 might revert to the classic format seen in the original trilogy. This classic format involved hub areas connected to linear corridors, allowing players to choose the order of missions. While the action segments remained largely linear, hidden areas rewarded exploration. This design created a handcrafted universe full of memorable moments.

Contrasting Andromeda's Semi-Open World

Andromeda, in contrast, adopted a semi-open-world design similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition. It featured vast regions filled with quests and points of interest. However, this design received a lukewarm response from fans. The shift to an open world seemed to dilute the unique charm of Mass Effect, leading to a less enthusiastic reception.

Tackling the Massive Scope

One reason behind the potential decision to revert to the classic format is the scale of Mass Effect 4. Unlike previous titles that took place in single star systems, Mass Effect 4 hints at a dual-galaxy approach. This ambitious vision of spanning multiple galaxies and thousands of planets demands a focused and well-crafted approach. The procedural generation approach used in games like Starfield might offer vastness, but it may lack the handcrafted depth that Mass Effect fans cherish.

Development Challenges

Open-world games are known for their complexity and resource-intensive development. Given the recent layoffs at BioWare, it's conceivable that they are looking for a more manageable development path. Returning to the classic format could be a strategic move to ensure a smoother development process and deliver a game that aligns more closely with the beloved essence of Mass Effect.


The leak surrounding Mass Effect 4 abandoning Andromeda's open-world elements has sparked intrigue among fans. BioWare's potential return to the classic format seen in the original trilogy could signify a commitment to recapturing the essence of what made Mass Effect so beloved. As we await further details and a gameplay reveal, one thing is clear: the Mass Effect universe continues to evolve, and fans are eager to see where the journey takes them.

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