PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and its mobile version in India BGMI are renowned for their intense battles and varied weaponry. One of the most powerful and feared guns in the game is the DBS shotgun. Its lethal close-range damage potential can wreak havoc on opponents, leaving them with little time to react. In this guide, we will explore five skillful strategies to effectively counter the DBS shotgun and turn the tables on your opponents.

Mobility and Strafing – Dance Around the DBS Shots

The first key to countering the DBS shotgun is to maintain your mobility. Avoid becoming a stationary target as the DBS is most effective against immobile foes. Employ strafing techniques to make it harder for the opponent to line up accurate shots. Combine this with quick peeking around corners or obstacles to catch them off guard and gain an advantage in the fight.

Develop Situational Awareness – Hear the DBS Roar

Situational awareness is vital when facing a DBS user. Pay attention to audio cues, such as the distinct sound of the DBS being fired or reloaded. These auditory hints can help you anticipate the opponent’s movements and prepare accordingly. Utilize high-quality headphones or audio setups to maximize your ability to identify enemy positions based on sound alone.

Teamwork and Communication – Strength in Unity

In squad-based gameplay, effective communication and teamwork are essential. When encountering a DBS user, immediately inform your teammates of their presence. Work together to devise a strategy that capitalizes on your combined strengths. Surround the opponent and coordinate attacks from multiple angles to reduce their advantage and increase your chances of success.

Maintain Distance – The DBS’s Kryptonite

The DBS shotgun excels in close-range combat but becomes less effective as the distance increases. To counter this deadly weapon, engage in mid-range battles whenever possible. Utilize weapons with superior accuracy and range to chip away at your opponent’s health before they can close the gap. Keeping a safe distance will diminish the DBS’s lethality and give you a better chance at surviving the encounter.

Keep an Eye on the Finish Feed – Preparing for the DBS Threat

Smart players take precautions by following the kill feed. Keep an eye on the finish feed to gain insights into which team and player may be carrying the DBS. With this information, you can plan and strategize accordingly when facing that team in close-range combat.


Countering the DBS shotgun in PUBG/BGMI requires a combination of mobility, situational awareness, teamwork, and smart tactics. By mastering these strategies and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the DBS, you can improve your chances of coming out victorious in intense battles. Remember, practice makes perfect, so hone your skills and embrace the challenges of the battleground to become a skilled and formidable player in the world of PUBG/BGMI.