The IESF Big Bang Asia Open 2023 multigame esports tournament has brought forth some of the most thrilling moments in esports history, captivating the attention of fans all around the world. The tournament was broadcasted on Zee5, which enabled it to reach a wider audience.

One of the games played during the tournament was the popular mobile strategy game, Clash of Clans. The competition was fierce, and after intense battles, Obey Esports emerged as the ultimate champions. Their gameplay was truly commendable, as they beat out the other teams with their exceptional tactics and strategies.

Deathgod Gaming put up a strong fight, but ultimately had to settle for second place. Meanwhile, Deathgod Esports claimed the third position on the podium. These teams deserve recognition for their impressive performances throughout the tournament.

The prize pool distribution for the Clash of Clans game was as follows: the champions, Obey Esports, received 3000 USD, while the runners-up, Deathgod Gaming, earned 1688 USD. The third-placed team, Deathgod Esports, received 938 USD, while the fourth-placed team earned 375 USD. Teams placed between 5th and 8th position each received 188 USD, while teams placed between 9th and 16th position each received 94 USD.

The tournament was a showcase of the best Clash of Clans players from around the country, and it was truly impressive to see how these teams battled it out in the virtual arena. The players demonstrated great skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship, which is what makes esports such a fascinating and exciting industry.

In conclusion, Obey Esports, Deathgod Gaming, and Deathgod Esports deserve a round of applause for their achievements in the Clash of Clans tournament at the IESF Big Bang Asia Open 2023. It was an incredible tournament filled with intense battles, and we can only hope that future tournaments will be just as exciting.