The Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) 2023 Summer Playoffs are set to kick off on July 27, featuring 20 top-tier franchise teams vying for the coveted 15 slots in the PEL Finals. The stage promises to be a fierce battleground, spanning eight days and concluding on August 6. As the competition intensifies, let’s take a closer look at the participating teams, the playoff format, and the standout performers from the Regular Season.

The PEL 2023 Summer Playoffs Format and Schedule

The PEL 2023 Summer Playoffs will be split into two rounds, each consisting of four days of intense competition. The top 15 squads from the Regular Season will compete in the first round, while the bottom five from the Regular Season and the remaining 10 teams from the Playoffs Round 1 will lock horns in the second round.

Playoffs Round 1 (July 27 – July 30)

In the initial four days, the top 15 teams will clash in thrilling matches, vying for the five coveted slots in the PEL Finals. The competition will be fierce as teams look to capitalize on their momentum from the Regular Season and secure their spot in the ultimate stage.

Playoffs Round 2 (August 3 – August 6)

The second round will witness a heated battle between the bottom five teams from the Regular Season and the remaining 10 teams from the first round. The stakes are high, with only 10 slots available for the PEL Finals. For some teams, it’s a chance to redeem themselves, while for others, it’s a do-or-die situation.

Standout Performers from the Regular Season
LGD Gaming: Dominating the Regular Season

Despite Suki’s departure, LGD Gaming showcased their prowess, securing the top spot in the Regular Season standings. Their impressive performances, including victories in the first and third weekly finals, make them a formidable force to reckon with in the Playoffs.

Team Weibo: Excelling with Outstanding Gameplay

Team Weibo Gaming impressed with their exceptional gameplay, capitalizing on their initial momentum to secure the second position in the Regular Season. Their skills and strategies make them strong contenders for a spot in the PEL Finals.

Tong Jia Bao Esports: Consistency Pays Off

TJB’s consistent gameplay throughout the Regular Season led them to claim the third spot in the overall rankings. Their ability to perform consistently under pressure bodes well for their chances in the Playoffs.

Titan Esports Club (TEC): A Rising Force

TEC’s commendable performance during the Regular Season saw them clinch the fourth spot. Their strategic acquisition of PUBG Mobile veteran Suki strengthened their lineup, making them a team to watch out for.

Wolves Esports: Striving for Redemption

Despite previous underwhelming performances, Wolves Esports showcased promising gameplay in the Regular Season, securing the sixth spot. They will be looking to make a strong comeback in the Playoffs.

Dark Horses and Redemption Seekers
Tianba: Former Champions Looking to Bounce Back

Despite being the PEL Spring winners, Tianba faced a challenging Regular Season, finishing in the 11th position. With their experience and skills, they are determined to prove their mettle in the Playoffs.

Nova Esports: Jimmy’s Leadership Tested

Led by Jimmy, Nova Esports secured the 13th position in the Regular Season. As a talented roster, they will be eager to make a statement in the Playoffs.

Four Angry Men: Aiming for a Turnaround

Missing out on the weekly finals and finishing 18th in the Regular Season was disappointing for Four Angry Men. The Playoffs present a chance for them to redeem themselves.

Action Culture Technology: Last Shot at Redemption

Placing at the bottom of the charts in the Regular Season, Action Culture Technology faces an uphill battle in the Playoffs. They will be striving to end on a high note and prove their potential.


The PEL 2023 Summer Playoffs promise an electrifying spectacle, with 20 franchise teams leaving no stone unturned to secure their spots in the PEL Finals. As LGD Gaming stands atop the leaderboard, they face stiff competition from other formidable contenders like Team Weibo, TJB, and TEC. Dark horses like Tianba and Nova Esports are eager to stage a comeback, while teams like Four Angry Men and Action Culture Technology are determined to turn their fortunes around. With eight days of thrilling action ahead, fans can expect nothing short of exhilarating PUBG Mobile battles during the PEL Playoffs.