Persija Evos: A New Powerhouse in the Making with a Star-Studded Roster in PUBG Mobile Esports

Introducing the power-packed roster of Persija Evos, a new esports organization formed through a partnership between Evos Esports and Persija Jakarta. Get ready for an electrifying journey in the world of PUBG Mobile as six veteran players gear up to take the stage by storm.

Luxxy and Zuxxy, the legendary twins who have made a name for themselves in the PUBG Mobile community, join the team after five successful years with Indonesian powerhouse Bigetron. Microboy and Redface, previously part of Evos Esports, along with new addition Misery, who have also played for Bigetron, make up the rest of the roster. Completing the team is Linxx, with former Evos Esports PUBG Mobile coach S1nyo taking on the same role for Persija Evos.

Starting their PUBG Mobile careers at just 15, Luxxy and Zuxxy have won numerous tournaments and received individual awards. The reunion of Luxxy, Zuxxy, and Microboy after almost two years is sure to bring some explosive gameplay to the stage. With Redface’s dynamic assaults and Misery’s added firepower, the Persija Evos roster is a force to be reckoned with.

Fans can expect nothing but the best from this team as they gear up to participate in the PMPL Indonesia 2023 Spring. Although the schedule is yet to be announced by Tencent, one thing is for sure, the Persija Evos roster is determined to celebrate their partnership by taking home significant victories in 2023.

With big names and a winning track record, the Persija Evos roster is sure to bring excitement and entertainment to the PUBG Mobile Esports scene. Get ready to witness a spectacular show as the veterans take the stage and dominate the competition.