Pokémon Go players find themselves at a crossroads as Go Fest 2023 approaches. After a series of lackluster events and controversial decisions by Niantic, many trainers are contemplating whether to skip this year’s festival altogether. While some players express their disappointment and vow never to participate in a paid event again, others remain on the fence, holding out hope for a much-needed improvement. As the community weighs the pros and cons, the anticipation surrounding the potential inclusion of the enigmatic Diancie adds an enticing element to the decision-making process.

Go Fest 2022: A Disappointing Chapter

Last year’s Go Fest left a sour taste in the mouths of many dedicated trainers. Spawn rates were lackluster, valuable content was sparse, and overall, the event failed to live up to expectations. Coupled with the contentious changes to Remote Raid Passes, the disillusionment among players is understandable. Frustration with Niantic’s decisions has led to unrest in the community, and some players feel hesitant to reward the company with their hard-earned money if Go Fest 2023 does not show significant improvements.

Boycotts and Reluctance

The disappointment experienced by players during past events has driven some to boycott future ticketed events. Those who have chosen to quit the game entirely during these times of protest are unlikely to participate in Go Fest 2023. Moreover, a growing number of active players share the sentiment of avoiding paid events altogether. The community is unwilling to subject themselves to potential disappointment and feel apprehensive about spending money on a ticket without a guarantee of a better experience.

A Glimmer of Hope

Despite the prevailing skepticism, there are those who remain hopeful for Go Fest 2023. While they acknowledge the issues of the past, they urge fellow trainers to consider the joy the event could bring. For many, the ticket price is a small investment when compared to other entertainment options. Some argue that even if the event is not flawless, the extra boost to gameplay and the chance to encounter rare Pokémon make it worthwhile. Managing expectations and approaching the event with an open mind may be key to enjoying the experience.

The Diancie Factor

One of the most intriguing aspects of Go Fest 2023 is the rumored appearance of Diancie, the elusive Rock and Fairy-type Mythical Pokémon from Generation VI. The possibility of encountering this rare gem has piqued the interest of trainers, tempting them to give the festival another chance. Diancie’s inclusion could be a game-changer, potentially revitalizing the event and drawing players back into the excitement.

The Love for Pokémon Go

Amidst the discussions of disappointment and boycotts, there are still trainers who continue to play Pokémon Go passionately. Despite understanding the concerns raised by the community, these players refuse to let judgment deter their love for the game. Pokémon Go has become more than just an app; it has become a source of joy, community, and exploration. For these players, the decision to participate in Go Fest 2023 is a testament to their dedication and resilience.

As Pokémon Go players grapple with the decision of whether to participate in Go Fest 2023, their mixed feelings reflect the challenges faced by Niantic in regaining the trust and enthusiasm of their community. The disappointment stemming from previous events and controversial changes has led to boycotts and reluctance among players. However, the potential inclusion of Diancie and the enduring love for Pokémon Go keep the flame of hope alive. Ultimately, the decision to participate in Go Fest 2023 rests with each individual trainer, weighing the past experiences, expectations, and the desire for joy and camaraderie in the Pokémon Go world.