The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Pakistan 2023 Fall Split is set to captivate gaming enthusiasts as 20 elite teams converge to battle for supremacy. With a substantial prize pool of $70,000 and a chance to qualify for the regional PMPL Championship, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The competition is divided into two phases – the League stages and the finals – promising three weeks of intense action and drama in the world of esports.

Participating Teams

Twenty invited teams, including reigning champions AgonxI8 Esports, runners-up Reg3cide, and other seasoned contenders, are ready to showcase their skills and strategies. Notable teams such as Seventh Element, FreeStyle, and Team Tuf aim to regain their momentum, while newcomers like HellRaisers and Bablu141 will seek to make their mark.

The League Stage

The excitement kicks off on July 25, with teams divided into five groups of five. Over two weeks, they will compete in five matchdays, battling it out across three classic maps. The top 12 teams will have an extra game on Livik, earning Bonus Points based on their weekly rankings, providing a strategic advantage for the ultimate stage.

Teams to Watch Out For

1. AgonxI8 Esports: The reigning champions have consistently dominated the competition with their remarkable performance at prestigious events, making them the favorites to secure the top spot once again.

2. Reg3cide: As runners-up in the previous split, they are determined to claim their first title and prove themselves as a formidable force in the tournament.

3. Seventh Element: Known for their strong league stage, they aim to maintain consistency and redeem themselves in the finals this time.

4. FreeStyle and Team Tuf: Two stalwarts of Pakistan’s esports scene, both teams are eager to overcome recent struggles and make a strong comeback in the competition.

5. Team Qwerty: Aspiring for consistency, they hope to capitalize on their talents and make a lasting impact in the PMPL 2023 Fall Split.

The Finals

The top 16 teams from the league stage will advance to the finals, where 18 intense matches will unfold across three days. It is during this stage that the ultimate champion will be determined, making it a thrilling climax to the PMPL 2023 Fall Split.


As the gaming community eagerly awaits the commencement of PMPL 2023 Fall Split in Pakistan, the stage is set for epic clashes, breathtaking maneuvers, and awe-inspiring moments. With reigning champions and ambitious challengers ready to prove their mettle, the tournament promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, as teams vie for glory, recognition, and a chance to shine on the regional stage. Let the games begin!