Riot Games, the developers of the popular esports game, VALORANT, has confirmed that it will not allow teams competing in its sanctioned tournaments to partner with betting companies. The confirmation comes in response to a recent report by a Turkish news outlet, Esporkolik, which suggested that VALORANT organizations may be eligible for such partnerships in the future.

While Riot stated that there has been no change in its current policy regarding approved team sponsor categories, the spokesperson acknowledged that the company continues to evaluate opportunities that align with its core values of delivering safe, secure, and meaningful experiences to fans and supporting the growth of the esports ecosystem globally.

The move to maintain the ban on gambling sponsorships is in line with Riot’s commitment to investing in opportunities that ensure the integrity of its esports events, provide great experiences for fans, and create revenue streams for teams. The company recognizes the lucrative nature of such partnerships but maintains that the safety and well-being of players, fans, and the esports community remain a top priority.

Several team owners confirmed that they were aware of Riot’s stance on gambling sponsorships and that a policy change was unlikely due to strict gambling regulations in Europe. However, a North American team owner stated that they were not aware of any potential policy changes.

While many traditional sports teams have successfully partnered with betting companies across multi-year deals, Riot’s decision to maintain the ban on such sponsorships indicates a strong commitment to upholding the integrity of esports competitions and prioritizing the safety of the esports community.

In conclusion, Riot Games has confirmed that it will continue to prohibit VALORANT teams from partnering with betting companies despite rumors suggesting a policy change. The company’s stance reflects its commitment to the safety and well-being of players and fans, as well as its dedication to maintaining the integrity of esports competitions.