Embracing the exciting world of gaming and esports, Rooter, India’s leading live gaming and esports streaming app, has taken a significant leap forward by launching on the Jio Set Top Box. With its high-definition streaming capabilities and diverse range of content, Rooter is poised to transform the way Indian audiences experience gaming and esports on their televisions. This article explores the groundbreaking features and benefits of Rooter on Jio Set Top Box, bringing live gaming and esports into the heart of entertainment.

The Rise of Rooter: India’s Premier Gaming and Esports Streaming App

Rooter’s rapid growth and popularity in the gaming community has solidified its position as India’s premier gaming and esports streaming app. With a user-friendly interface and a passionate community, Rooter offers a unique platform for live streaming and engaging with gaming enthusiasts. It has become a hub for gamers, streamers, and esports enthusiasts in India, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Taking Gaming and Esports to the Big Screen: Rooter on Jio Set Top Box

The launch of Rooter on the Jio Set Top Box marks a significant milestone in the gaming and esports industry. By bringing gaming and esports content to the television screen, Rooter is expanding the accessibility of this thriving ecosystem to a wider audience. With its support for streaming at 1080p resolution, Rooter ensures that gamers and esports enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite content with stunning visual quality, immersing themselves in the virtual worlds they love.

Unlocking a World of Entertainment: JioFiber Plans and JioStore Integration

JioFiber plans play a crucial role in making Rooter accessible to millions of users. With seamless access to Rooter and a wide range of other entertainment apps, JioFiber plans offer a comprehensive entertainment experience. Users can explore the vast collection of entertainment apps on JioStore, opening doors to a world of gaming, movies, music, and more. The integration of Rooter on the Jio Set Top Box through JioFiber plans ensures convenience and a seamless transition from traditional television viewing to immersive gaming and esports experiences.

Embracing the Thrills of Live Gaming and Esports: Rooter’s Features

Rooter’s features provide an unparalleled live gaming and esports experience. The app offers live streaming of popular games, tournaments, and esports events, allowing users to watch their favorite players and teams in action. Interactive features, such as live chat and audience engagement, enable users to connect with fellow gamers, discuss strategies, and cheer for their favorite players in real-time. Rooter’s diverse community further fosters connections and collaborations among gamers, creating a vibrant ecosystem for sharing experiences and knowledge.

The Future of Gaming and Esports on Television

The launch of Rooter on the Jio Set Top Box signifies a groundbreaking step in bringing gaming and esports to TV screens. As the popularity of gaming continues to surge, there is immense potential for further integration of gaming and streaming platforms. The fusion of gaming, entertainment, and technology has the power to transform gaming into a mainstream form of entertainment, captivating a broader audience and reshaping television culture in India.


Rooter’s arrival on the Jio Set Top Box has revolutionized the gaming and esports landscape in India. With its high-quality streaming, engaging features, and seamless integration with JioFiber plans, Rooter provides gamers and esports enthusiasts with unprecedented access to their favorite content on the big screen. As Rooter continues to lead the gaming revolution, the future holds exciting possibilities for the fusion of gaming, entertainment, and technology, making gaming a vibrant part of Indian television culture