Indian esports has come a long way, gaining recognition on the international stage. S8UL Esports and Mortal have been at the forefront of this remarkable journey, receiving nominations at The Esports Awards 2022. S8UL won in the Content Group of the Year category, while Mortal was nominated as Esports Personality of the Year. In 2023, they return, aiming to shine once more.

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Breaking Barriers and Rising Prominence

Indian esports has risen to prominence with talented players, content creators, and organizations like S8UL Esports. They made history as the first Indian organization nominated at The Esports Awards in 2022, earning accolades for their top-notch gaming content.

Mortal’s Iconic Status

Mortal, a renowned gaming personality, gained fame and recognition in 2022. Although he didn’t win the Esports Personality of the Year award, his impact and influence on Indian gaming were undeniable.

Triumph and Redemption

In 2022, S8UL Esports celebrated victory, securing the Content Group of the Year award, while Mortal’s nomination highlighted his significant impact. Now, in 2023, both S8UL Esports and Mortal are nominated once again, showcasing their unwavering dedication to Indian esports and their determination to shine on the global stage.

Indian Gaming’s Global Impact

The nominations for S8UL Esports and Mortal in 2023 signify a moment of immense pride for the Indian gaming community. They inspire future generations, showcasing that Indian gamers can achieve greatness on the world stage.


S8UL Esports and Mortal’s journey is a testament to the growth of Indian esports. Breaking barriers, gaining recognition, and inspiring millions, they represent the emergence of India as a force in the global gaming community. As the world awaits the results, the Indian gaming community stands united, celebrating their achievements and looking forward to an even brighter future.