In a groundbreaking partnership that has taken the gaming community by storm, S8UL Esports, one of India’s most renowned gaming organizations, has joined forces with Raider Six Mobile, a popular battle royale game set in India. The collaboration aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming landscape by integrating S8UL gamers’ iconic characters into the world of Raider Six. With this exciting venture, players can now embody their favorite S8UL personalities as formidable Raiders within the game’s immersive universe.

S8UL Esports: India’s Gaming Powerhouse

S8UL Esports has cemented its status as India’s premier gaming organization, boasting a diverse roster of highly skilled gamers and content creators. Their lineup includes revered figures such as Mortal, Scout, Viper, Payal, Mamba, and many others. The organization’s remarkable achievements were recognized in 2022 when they clinched the prestigious Content Group of The Year award at the esports awards, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

Raider Six: A Thrilling Battle Royale Experience

Set in the captivating backdrop of India, Raider Six immerses players in an adrenaline-fueled battle royale adventure. The game revolves around Element U, a revolutionary renewable energy source that holds the key to the planet’s survival as traditional energy sources dwindle. As guardians vigilantly safeguard Element U in Area 6, a catastrophic bioweapon attack devastates the region, releasing the deadly Pandora Virus. It is now the raider’s duty to navigate treacherous landscapes, combat infected adversaries, and seize Element U, for the fate of Earth hangs in the balance.

The Dynamic Collaboration

With Raider Six holding exclusive rights to feature S8UL Creators-inspired characters, the collaboration ushers in an era of unprecedented synergy between two giants of the gaming world. In an Instagram post that reverberated across social media, Raider Six announced their plans to incorporate S8UL gamers’ personas into the game as formidable Raiders. The excitement surrounding this union is palpable, as gamers eagerly anticipate the chance to assume the roles of their beloved S8UL idols within the virtual battlegrounds of Raider Six.

Iconic Characters Transformed

Sources close to the collaboration reveal that Tanmay, known as Scout in the S8UL universe, will be immortalized as a playable character in Raider Six. Additionally, Zoya and Khalid are expected to assume the roles of Payal and Binks, respectively. While these three characters have been confirmed, the remaining ten characters remain shrouded in mystery, leaving players eager to discover the unique personas that will shape their Raider Six experience.

A New Frontier for Indian Mobile Gaming

This landmark collaboration between S8UL Esports and Raider Six is set to propel both entities to new heights within the Indian mobile gaming industry. By amalgamating the prowess of S8UL’s iconic gamers with the thrilling gameplay of Raider Six, players will enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience. The ability to embody their favorite S8UL characters as Raiders adds an exciting layer of personalization, fostering a deeper connection between gamers and their virtual avatars.


The partnership between S8UL Esports and Raider Six represents a significant milestone in the realm of mobile gaming. As S8UL gamers’ personas are seamlessly integrated into the captivating universe of Raider Six, players are poised to embark on an extraordinary adventure alongside their favorite idols. With India’s gaming landscape forever transformed, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the exhilarating experiences and countless battles that lie ahead. Brace yourself for an unparalleled fusion of talent, storytelling, and gameplay as S8UL Esports and Raider Six redefine the boundaries of mobile gaming as we know it.