Saudi Esports Federation's Three-Year Partnership with KFC: Fostering Talent and Equality

The Saudi Esports Federation (SEF) has entered into an exciting three-year partnership with the renowned American fast-food giant, KFC. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to bolster the esports scene in Saudi Arabia, nurturing local talents, and fostering gender equality within the gaming community. Announced during the Next World Forum, this partnership signifies a significant stride towards building a robust gaming ecosystem in the Kingdom.

Supporting Local Esports Talent

One of the central pillars of this partnership is the joint commitment to support local esports talent in Saudi Arabia. This initiative will create more opportunities for aspiring gamers to excel on the international stage. The agreement also places a strong emphasis on empowering women in esports, as highlighted by the launch of the "First Female Saudi E-League."

Empowering Women in Esports

The "First Female Saudi E-League" is set to revolutionize women's participation in the esports arena. While specific details regarding the titles and start date remain undisclosed, the league is poised to provide women gamers with a unique platform to showcase their skills. The top-performing team in this league will gain entry into an accelerator program, paving the way for participation in the prestigious Gamers8 competitions in 2024.

Grassroots Esports Initiatives

Beyond talent development, KFC and the SEF have outlined a comprehensive plan to impact the grassroots esports scene in Saudi Arabia. Over the next three years, a series of events and "challenge-based initiatives" will be rolled out. These initiatives will offer a direct pathway for players into SEF's esports development programs and the broader esports scene in the country.

Creating Engaging Content

Voices of Saudi Esports

In addition to promoting esports at the grassroots level, KFC and SEF will collaborate to create captivating content. This content will be streamed through SEF's program, "Voices of Saudi Esports." KFC's involvement will extend beyond content creation, encompassing activations, discounts, and promotions, adding an exciting layer of engagement for the gaming community.

Reshaping the Esports Landscape

Ahmed Albishri, Deputy CEO at the Saudi Esports Federation, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "By nurturing emerging talents, promoting gender equality in gaming, and providing engaging content, this collaboration marks a significant stride towards building a robust gaming ecosystem in the Kingdom." With the joint efforts of the Saudi Esports Federation and KFC, Saudi Arabia's esports landscape is poised for transformation.


The partnership between the Saudi Esports Federation and KFC represents a pivotal moment in the development of esports in Saudi Arabia. With a focus on talent development, gender equality, grassroots initiatives, and engaging content, this collaboration is set to reshape the esports scene in the Kingdom. As the "First Female Saudi E-League" takes flight and events unfold over the next three years, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the positive impact of this dynamic partnership.

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