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On July 18, The developers of BGMI opened the early access version for a number of users of this game. The early access resulted in an increased number of players which caused various issues for the number of users, Mostly a common one as “Server is busy, Please try again later. Error code: Restrict Area”. Generally, when a player opens BGMI this particular error overcomes, restricting them from accessing the game. Over 20 Million plus users have pre-registered for BGMI and with such a huge amount of audience looking for getting their hands on the open beta version from various sources like Google Play Store, APK + OBB Files and even third party stores like TapTap, Users of BGMI should be cautious as they may come across numerous errors like download failure, parsing problem and more.

So, let’s take a look at the ‘Server is Busy’ error and ‘Restrict – Area’ error code. We are here with an article that will showcase how players are facing this issue and how they can solve it.

‘Server is Busy’ & ‘Restrict-Area’ Error Code Solved:-

It’s been a common issue around a number of BGMI users as they are facing some kind of errors like ‘Server is Busy’ and ‘Restrict-Area’ error code, Which is indirectly preventing certain users from accessing the highly anticipated indian exclusive Battle Royale. Let’s take a look at what actually causes this error overlap on the screen?

Image Showing ‘Server is busy’ error window

Error like the ‘Server is Busy’ basically occurs when a player either tries to access Battlegrounds Mobile India from any other country except India, or if the user tries to play the game on unsupported devices like emulators, or a poor local network problem also occurs. The above three are the highlighted issues that are mostly a reason behind a player facing the ‘Restrict-Area’ error code.

Here’s How Players Can Solve the ‘Server is busy’ error in BGMI:-

  • Let’s keep in mind that, A player who is not a resident of India is not eligible to access the Early access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. So, just make sure that your ISP is using an IP address located in India. One can use NORD VPN’s ‘What is my IP address?’ tool for free, to just confirm that your IP address is located in India. So, an Indian resident can only go for an early access of BGMI.
  • Just make sure that you are playing BGMI by downloading it from Official sources. Till date the developers have only officially released the game for Android users via the Google Play Store.
  • Last but not the least, Players can contact their Internet service provider (ISP) to look at their local network settings and also after this the problem remains constant, then we advise players to switch into another network which may work out.

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