Blind Esports, a powerhouse in the Indian BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) esports scene, is currently facing a significant shake-up as rumors circulate about their star player, Spower, parting ways with the team. The departure comes amidst reports of internal conflicts, leaving fans and the gaming community in shock. Spower’s outstanding performances on the battlefield and the team’s remarkable domination in recent tournaments have been the talk of the town. However, it seems that the pursuit of excellence has come at a cost, resulting in disharmony within the team.

A Rising Star: Spower’s Brilliance

Spower, one of the brightest talents in the Indian BGMI esports landscape, has been instrumental in Blind Esports’ rise to prominence. With his exceptional gaming skills and strategic acumen, he has been a crucial force in securing numerous titles and victories for the team. The young player’s prowess in the game has earned him a legion of fans and cemented his position as one of the most sought-after players in the competitive scene.

The Strain Within: Internal Conflicts Surface

Behind the glittering success, Blind Esports has been grappling with internal conflicts. The team’s unwavering commitment to attaining major titles and achieving perfection has created a strict and demanding atmosphere. Recent reports suggest that this unforgiving environment took a toll on the team’s harmony, resulting in differences among the players.

The Solo Quest: Spower’s Decision to Go Alone

In a surprising turn of events, news surfaced about Spower’s decision to play solo in some matches, disregarding the team’s calls and strategies. Believing that he could perform better on his own, Spower’s solo gameplay was a departure from the coordinated teamwork that BGMI demands. This move not only raised eyebrows but also led to his benching for two days by the team management.

The Departure: A Bitter Farewell

After serving the two-day benching period, Spower faced a crucial choice – rejoining the team and mending the rift or parting ways. In a decision that stunned many, he chose not to continue with Blind Esports. This farewell marks the end of an era for the team and leaves fans wondering about their future prospects.

Looking Ahead: BGIS 2023 and Spower’s Quest for a New Team

With BGIS 2023 on the horizon, the departure of such a skilled player creates uncertainty for both Blind Esports and Spower. While the team aims to maintain its dominance in the esports scene, the young player seeks a new team where he can find the synergy required to shine on the official stage.


Spower’s departure from Blind Esports marks the end of an era characterized by brilliant performances and remarkable achievements. The internal conflicts within the team serve as a reminder that success in esports requires not only individual talent but also cohesive teamwork. As BGIS 2023 approaches, all eyes are on Blind Esports, who now face the challenge of rebuilding their roster and maintaining their position at the top. Simultaneously, Spower embarks on a new journey, searching for a team that will help him unleash his full potential and continue his pursuit of glory in the ever-competitive world of BGMI esports. The gaming community eagerly awaits official announcements and hopes for a brighter future for both Spower and Blind Esports.