The 2024 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI 2024) is set to be one of the most thrilling esports events of the year. As a premier tournament in the League of Legends competitive calendar, MSI bridges the gap between the initial splits and the climactic Worlds Championship. This year, the event features a diverse lineup of teams and an exciting new format designed to showcase the best talent from around the globe.

Tournament Structure

Teams and Invitations

MSI 2024 invites twelve elite teams from various regions to compete. These include the champions from each competitive region and the runner-ups from major regions. This diverse participation ensures a high level of competition and a showcase of different playstyles and strategies.

Play-In Stage

The tournament kicks off with the Play-In Stage, featuring eight teams drawn into two double elimination brackets. The matches in this stage are best-of-three, adding an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability. The top two teams from each bracket advance to the Bracket Stage, where they join the four prequalified teams.

Bracket Stage

The Bracket Stage is the main event of MSI 2024. It consists of eight teams: four from the Play-In Stage and four prequalified teams. This stage employs a double elimination format, with matches played in a best-of-five format. This setup not only tests the teams’ endurance but also their ability to adapt and strategize over a series of games.

Key Dates and Draw Shows

The Play-In Draw Show took place on April 20th, immediately following the conclusion of the LPL 2024 Spring Finals. Renowned player xiye conducted the draw, setting the stage for the initial matchups. Following the Play-Ins, the Bracket Stage Draw Show occurred on May 5th, again conducted by xiye. These draw shows add an element of suspense and excitement, as teams and fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming matchups.

Prize Pool and Rewards

The minimum prize pool for MSI 2024 is $250,000 USD. However, this amount is expected to increase with the addition of revenue from designated in-client sales. The prize distribution ensures that all participating teams are rewarded for their efforts, with the highest rewards reserved for the top performers.

Detailed Prize Breakdown

  • 1st Place: $50,000 (20%) – Additionally, the winner qualifies for the 2024 Season World Championship, provided they reach the playoffs in their domestic Summer split.
  • 2nd Place: $40,000 (16%)
  • 3rd Place: $30,000 (12%)
  • 4th Place: $25,000 (10%)
  • 5th-6th Place: $20,000 each (8%)
  • 7th-8th Place: $15,000 each (6%)
  • 9th-10th Place: $10,000 each (4%)
  • 11th-12th Place: $7,500 each (3%)

Team Highlights

The following teams have already made a mark with their performance in MSI 2024:

  • Gen.G emerged victorious, taking home the top prize of $50,000 and securing their spot in Worlds 2024.
  • Bilibili Gaming secured the second spot with a $40,000 prize.
  • T1 and G2 Esports also delivered strong performances, finishing third and fourth respectively.

Path to Worlds 2024

One of the most significant incentives for competing in MSI 2024 is the qualification for the 2024 Season World Championship. The winner of MSI 2024 secures a spot at Worlds, provided they reach the playoffs in their domestic Summer split. Moreover, the second-best region in the final standings of MSI 2024 will unlock an additional seed for its domestic league at Worlds 2024. This adds an extra layer of strategic importance to the tournament, as teams not only compete for immediate rewards but also for future opportunities.

Patch Information and Competitive Integrity

MSI 2024 is played on patch 14.8, ensuring a level playing field and consistency in the competitive environment. This patch includes various updates and balances that aim to enhance gameplay and maintain the integrity of the competition.


The 2024 Mid-Season Invitational stands out as a crucial event in the League of Legends esports calendar. With its innovative format, significant prize pool, and high stakes, MSI 2024 promises to deliver thrilling matches and unforgettable moments. As teams from around the world converge to compete, fans can look forward to witnessing top-tier gameplay and the emergence of new champions in the ever-evolving landscape of competitive League of Legends.

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