Call of Duty Mobile comes with number of shotguns which are good for close quarters with high damage and firing rate at the cost of range. COD Mobile season 2 is just going on and currently has six shotguns available for players to choose.

KRM-262, Echo, and BY15 are the best shotguns that you can use in season 2 of the game. Although HSO405, Striker, and HS2126 are acceptable options they range a bit lower. We have listed the shotguns in COD Mobile ranked from its stats like damage, fire rate, recoil, mobility, range, and accuracy.

Top 5 Best Shotguns in COD Mobile Season 2:-

  1. KRM-262 :-

Shotgun KRM – 262 ranks at No.1 in our list of best shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile season 2. As we know shotguns aren’t that popular in Call of Duty Mobile, the KRM – 262 is one of the best at that route. At close range its firing rate and damage are destructive. It also offers a bit of recoil control, players should equip the 20 round extended reload case, the sleigh of the hand perk along with the YKM barrel, a tactical suppressor to optimize your shotgun choice, and an RTC laser 1mW.

  1. Echo :-

Another popular alternative the Echo is a self-loading shotgun that is able to hit up to 93 points of damage. The echo has a lot of damage capability, high precision, and low recoil. It’s a bit lightweight and its portability makes it one of the best shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile. Players should equip a choke, a rubberized grip tape, a large extended magazine D, IP laser 5mW, YKM combat stock.

  1. BY15 :-

At No. 3 comes BY15 which is a pump-action shotgun that was firstly sawn in modern warfare. With an accuracy of 48 and a damage of 89, BY15 is a decent pick. BY15 lags behind in accuracy, mobility, and control compared to the KRM-262 or Echo but has a higher range. This weapon can wipe out enemies in 2 shots from medium range. For close range, the weapon will take someone down in 1 shot if the shot lands in the head and chest region.

  1. Striker :-

Striker, a semi-automatic shotgun ranks at no. 4 on our list, as this shotgun has appeared in a number of previous COD games. Striker comes with higher accuracy at the middle and close range. This shotgun has a higher firing rate compared to other guns but it lags behind in its range, accuracy, and damage compared to KRM-262.

  1. HSO405 :-

A lever-action shotgun stands at No. 5 in our top best shotgun list in season 2 of Call of Duty Mobile, HSO405 has higher damage of 100 and high mobility compared to other shotguns but it lags in terms of fire rate, accuracy, and range. Due to its nature, this shotgun has a lower fire rate compared to other shotguns in the game.

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