Tournament platform Ultimate Gamer and eSports community has declared the dispatch of the Ultimate Gamer Worldwide Open, a worldwide competition including different titles across different classes.

The competition, set to initiate on March first, will run throughout a while, finishing with the Best Gamer on Earth last occasion in fall 2021. 

As indicated by the official statement, 200 contenders will progress from the Worldwide Open to fight for a portion of its $1m (~ £731,824) prize pool. All players going to the last occasion will leave with a part of the prize cash, with the victor bringing home $300,000 (~ £219,890).

Players will contend in six titles of their decision across five classes. The titles accessible to look over are Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends, , Call Of Duty: Madden 21, Warzone,NBA 2K21 , Fortnite, Tekken , VALORANT, , and two yet to be reported games. Moreover, players will likewise need to finish one ‘wildcard challenge’.

Steve Suarez, the CEO of Ultimate Gamer, remarked on the occasion: “At Ultimate Gamer, it’s our main goal to give ordinary gamers, who are typically not upheld, a spot to test their aptitudes in an assortment of titles, play against gamers from everywhere the world and praise gaming on the biggest scale conceivable.”

Preceding the Worldwide Open, the coordinator will hold the Ultimate Gamer Champion Series, beginning February twentieth. The opposition will offer a $5,000 (~ £3,661) prize pool and the chance to get promoted into ‘Stage II’ of the Worldwide Open.

Suarez added: “I’m pleased to be creating and organising one of the world’s biggest and most comprehensive gaming networks, totally freethinker of whether you play on PC, reassure, or versatile, or whether you like games, MOBA, Fighting, or FPS games. On the off chance that you need to discover similarly invested individuals, or simply need to play for the love of gaming, Ultimate Gamer is the place where you should be.”

Esports Insider says: Ultimate Gamer has presented an imaginative multi-classification competition design, an exceptional gaming rivalry available for gamers worldwide to demonstrate their abilities. The noteworthy prize pool demonstrates the coordinator is not kidding about its central goal to help ordinary gamers. It’s incredible to see new ideas in non-proficient esports arise and we’re fascinated to perceive how far this activity goes.