Undawn, a new open-world survival RPG from Tencent, is now accepting pre-registrations for its upcoming Closed Beta Test. Players in Japan, Canada, and the United States can sign up to try out the game on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, with the beta test scheduled to begin on April 3, 2023. The game is a global version of Dawn Awakening, which was released in China in 2020.

To pre-register, interested players can visit the official Undawn website and choose their platform before entering their email address and agreeing to the privacy policy. The Closed Beta Test is set to include numerous rewards for participants who reach milestone levels, such as the epic title “Dawn Bringer” for reaching level 40.

Undawn features a post-apocalyptic world where players must use their survival skills to stay alive. The game includes a variety of customizable items, such as characters, vehicles, and weapons, as well as professions like Logger, Miner, and Scavenger. The game’s producer, Mo Chen, has stated that the development team has made significant progress in improving the game experience since the first beta test in 2021, with a focus on improving combat, base building, and creating a more immersive world.

While Garena will be publishing Undawn in the Southeast Asia region, players in other regions can still participate in the Closed Beta Test and experience the game’s unique features and content. However, players should note that their progress will be reset after the test is completed, and the system requirements listed by Tencent are subject to change after the official release.

Overall, Undawn looks to be an exciting addition to the survival RPG genre, with its open-world gameplay, customizable items, and post-apocalyptic setting. Players who enjoy this type of game should definitely consider signing up for the Closed Beta Test and experiencing the game for themselves.