The BGIS: The Grind esports event recently witnessed a shocking revelation involving the Girls lineup of Dynamic Esports, playing under the name STE Girls, resorting to unethical means to gain an advantage. This article sheds light on the controversy, including the involvement of STE and the subsequent consequences faced by those implicated.

The Controversy Unveiled

In Week 2 of The Grind, it came to light that STE Girls, representing Stalwart Esports (STE), was given an advantage by playing with the Girls lineup of Dynamic Esports, while Dynamic Esports played their Boys lineup under their own name. This dubious arrangement was allegedly orchestrated in an internal talk between Dynamic Esports owner Anurag and STE CEO, Zeyaan, who sought expansion in India.

YouTube Intervention and Owner’s Inconsistencies

Popular Youtuber, Snehilop, intervened and expressed his disapproval of STE receiving invites and support, considering their prior disrespect towards the Indian Army, which enraged the Indian gaming community. Anurag, the owner of Dynamic Esports, was called in to clarify the situation but allegedly got entangled in his own lies when questioned by representatives from Big Brother Esports (BBE) and other gaming community members.

Suspicious Activities and Requests for POV

In a match where STE Girls underperformed for two consecutive matches, they suddenly secured a 16-kill victory. This raised suspicions, especially when enemies were seemingly located without any sound cues. Big Brother Esports (BBE) and Team Hrishav (Hydra Hrishav) were allegedly killed under suspicious circumstances. Krafton requested Point-of-View (POV) footage, but Anurag refused to provide it, citing instructions from officials.

POV Evidence of Hacking and Ringing

Amid the refusal, a source from Snehilop provided POV footage of a player named Koohu (STExKuhu), revealing clear evidence of hacking and ringing. It was discovered that the match in question involved male players using hacks under fake names, with Shiva being one of the accused. Koohu and Krystal were against hacking, while Becky and Nora were allegedly coerced by Anurag to use hacks, later providing their account details for others to play on their behalf.

Involvement of STE CEO and Resignation

The situation escalated further when Koohu came forward on the livestream to confess the truth, revealing that STE CEO Zeyaan was aware of the unethical practices. Initially supporting the girls, Zeyaan deleted his posts and eventually resigned as CEO of STE to avoid potential allegations against the organization.

The Fallout and Redemption

Koohu’s brave confession and willingness to come clean on the matter received recognition from Big Brother Esports, who offered her and other implicated players opportunities for redemption upon honesty and accountability.

KRAFTON’s Decisive Action: Upholding Fairness and Accountability

In light of the discovered violations of fair play rules 2.1.5 and 6.2.4 of the BGIS Rulebook, KRAFTON, as a firm believer in responsible gaming and fair gameplay, has taken decisive action against Team Stalwart Esports. They have been disqualified from BGIS 2023: THE GRIND, following the guidelines of 6.4.2, which allows for various disciplinary actions, including disqualification from the tournament. 

KRAFTON will soon announce a replacement team to ensure the integrity of the competition and uphold fair play standards. This firm stance demonstrates the commitment of the esports community to maintaining ethical conduct and promoting a level playing field for all participants.


The BGIS: The Grind esports event witnessed a dark chapter as unethical practices tainted the competition. The involvement of STE Girls, Dynamic Esports, and their respective owners raised serious concerns. However, the revelation and confession by Koohu, along with Zeyaan’s resignation, serve as important steps towards restoring integrity in the esports community. Moving forward, it is crucial for all stakeholders to uphold fair play and transparency to ensure the integrity of competitive gaming events.