Attention BGMI enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure in Battlegrounds Mobile India as the highly-anticipated BGMI A1 Royal Pass is just around the corner! This article unveils the jaw-dropping rewards and exclusive goodies that await you in the all-new A1 Royal Pass set to be released in August 2023. From fierce outfits to deadly weapon skins, gear up for an epic journey filled with thrilling challenges and glorious triumphs.

A1 Phantom: A Royal Pass Like No Other!

In this new A1 Royal Pass, you will have the chance to unlock the most coveted reward – the A1 Phantom outfit. Picture yourself donning an awe-inspiring black and red skin, adorned with a fearsome skull mask and a majestic cape. This outfit will be exclusively available to players who reach RP level 100, making it a symbol of honor and prestige.

Dominate the Battlefield: A1 Phantom M416 Weapon Skin

As you progress through the ranks, another incredible reward awaits – the A1 Phantom M416 weapon skin. Give your M416 a menacing black and red finish, embellished with a striking skull logo on the magazine. Stand out from the competition and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with this exclusive weapon skin. Reach RP level 50 to claim this powerful addition to your arsenal.

Complete Your Collection: A1 Phantom Accessories and More

Beyond the A1 Phantom outfit and M416 weapon skin, the A1 Royale Pass offers a plethora of additional rewards to adorn your character and enhance your gaming experience. Equip yourself with the A1 Phantom backpack, headgear, parachute, and emote to showcase your uniqueness on the battlefield. Flaunt your dominance with the A1 Phantom spray and earn an exclusive A1 Phantom title to cement your legendary status.

Choose Your Path: Elite or Elite Plus Tier?

The A1 Royale Pass is available in two tiers: Elite and Elite Plus. For players seeking exceptional rewards without breaking the bank, the Elite tier is priced at just 360 UC. Embark on your journey to conquer all 100 RP levels and unlock the A1 Phantom outfit in this budget-friendly tier.

Elite Plus Tier: Unleash Ultimate Rewards

For those craving the ultimate BGMI experience, the Elite Plus tier offers a premium package bursting with exclusive rewards. Priced at 960 UC, the Elite Plus tier grants access to additional bonuses, including a special A1 Phantom border. Show off your dedication and enjoy an extra level of prestige in BGMI with this enticing upgrade.

Embrace the Challenge: Earn Up to 100 RP Levels

The A1 Royale Pass journey spans eight thrilling weeks, where you’ll face an array of exhilarating challenges. Complete these challenges to earn RP levels and unlock exciting rewards along the way. From UC and BP to rare items, each RP level brings new treasures that enhance your gaming prowess.


Are you ready to embark on the epic adventure of a lifetime? The BGMI A1 Royal Pass, launching in August 2023, offers a treasure trove of exclusive rewards, including the coveted A1 Phantom outfit and M416 weapon skin. Choose your path wisely and conquer the battlefield with style, proving yourself as the ultimate champion of Battlegrounds Mobile India! Get your fingers ready for the release, and may your journey be filled with glory, excitement, and unforgettable triumphs!