The Upthrust Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGMI) Challengers Showdown Semi Finals have concluded with seasoned squads showcasing their dominance. With a thrilling display of skills and strategies, the competition was fierce, and the top teams have now secured their spots in the Grand Finals. Here’s an in-depth look at the Semi Finals, the standout performances, and the teams that have qualified for the Grand Finals.


The seasoned squad of Global Esports emerged as the most consistent team in the Semi Finals, demonstrating exceptional performance throughout the event. Global Esports dominated Day 3, securing their place at the top of the table with a total of 119 points and 3 chicken dinners. Their consistent gameplay across matches was impressive, with 72 points earned through finishes alone.

Team Tamilas also put forth a strong performance, placing second with 104 points and 1 chicken dinner. Their strategic plays and ability to secure finishes helped them stay at the top of the leaderboard. Carnival Gaming, Entity Gaming, and GenxFM Esports rounded out the top five, each displaying consistent and impressive gameplay.

Overview of the Semi Finals of BGMI Challengers Showdown

The Upthrust Esports BGMI Challengers Showdown Season 2 Semi Finals featured 24 teams battling for a coveted spot in the Grand Finals. With only 16 spots available, the competition was intense, and every match was crucial for the teams striving to qualify.

Global Esports led the pack with their top-tier performance, followed closely by Team Tamilas, who also had a notable run. GenxFM Esports, an upcoming squad, secured third place with 94 points. Entity Gaming and Carnival Gaming secured the fourth and fifth spots respectively, showcasing their competitive edge.

Eliminator Week Highlights

During Day 3 of the Semi Finals of BGMI Challengers Showdown, Global Esports solidified their dominance by securing the top position with 119 points and 3 chicken dinners. Their ability to consistently perform across matches was a key factor in their success.

Team Tamilas followed closely, demonstrating resilience and strategic gameplay to secure second place with 104 points and 1 chicken dinner. GenxFM Esports impressed many by securing third place with 94 points, proving that they are a team to watch in the upcoming Grand Finals.

Entity Gaming, with 88 points and 2 chicken dinners, and Carnival Gaming, with 87 points and 1 chicken dinner, rounded out the top five. These teams displayed exceptional skills and coordination, making them strong contenders for the Grand Finals.

Qualifying Teams for the Grand Finals

The following teams have qualified for the Grand Finals, based on their performance in the Semi Finals:

  1. Entity Gaming
  2. GenxFM Esports
  3. Carnival Gaming
  4. Team 8Bit
  5. Global Esports
  6. Team Tamilas
  7. iQOO Soul
  8. Enigma Gaming
  9. Godlike Esports
  10. WSB Gaming
  11. Team XSpark
  12. THW Esports
  13. Gujarat Tigers
  14. Medal Esports
  15. Reckoning Esports
  16. Revenant Esports

These teams have shown remarkable skills and strategies, earning their spots in the Grand Finals where they will compete for the ultimate title.

Top Fraggers of the Semi Finals

The Semi Finals also highlighted some of the top individual performers, with players showcasing exceptional fragging abilities:

  • Raghuraj “Slug” Singh (Global Esports): 28 finishes
  • Rudra “Spower” (iQOO Soul): 25 finishes
  • Tushar “Gamlaboy” Das (Entity Gaming): 22 finishes
  • Shubham “NinjaJod” Sahoo (Team XSpark): 21 finishes

These players stood out with their incredible aim and tactical prowess, significantly contributing to their teams’ overall success.

Notable Eliminations

While many teams shined in the Semi Finals of BGMI Challengers Showdown, a few seasoned squads failed to deliver consistent performances and missed out on qualifying for the Grand Finals. Teams like Mogo Esports, WindGod Esports, Team Forever, and Hydra Esports placed in the second half of the points table and were eliminated from the event.


The Upthrust Esports BGMI Challengers Showdown Semi Finals have set the stage for an exciting Grand Finals. With top teams and players showcasing their skills and strategies, the upcoming matches promise to be thrilling. Fans can look forward to intense competition as these 16 teams battle for the championship title. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the Grand Finals of the Upthrust Esports BGMI Challengers Showdown.

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