Valorant, the popular tactical shooter game developed by Riot Games, has recently introduced exciting new additions to its gameplay experience. However, players have encountered some glitches and bugs in the newly introduced Team Deathmatch mode and the latest agent, Deadlock. In this article, we will explore these glitches and their impact on the game.

Exploiting Advantageous Vantage Points: Omen and Jett in Team Deathmatch
Omen’s Shrouded Step Glitch

In the Team Deathmatch mode map, Piazza, players have discovered an exploitable glitch with Omen’s Shrouded Step ability. By aiming above a corner of a rooftop and activating the ability, players can teleport to that spot, gaining an unfair advantage. This glitch allows Omen to secure high vantage points and eliminate unsuspecting enemies before they have a chance to react. Despite being acknowledged by a Riot Games tech producer on Twitter, it is unclear whether actions have been taken to address this issue.

Jett’s Sage Wall Boost

Similar to Omen, Jett can exploit a glitch in the District map of Team Deathmatch mode. By utilizing a Sage wall at a certain height, Jett can boost herself above rooftops and even beyond the map boundaries. This advantageous vantage point grants Jett the ability to gain a strategic advantage over opponents by picking them off from above. The video demonstrating this glitch has garnered attention within the Valorant community, prompting the need for Riot Games to address it.

Deadlock’s Ultimate Ability Glitch: Vanishing Spike

Agent Deadlock, introduced in Episode 7 Act I, possesses an ultimate ability that allows her to capture enemies in a net and draw them near her. However, players have encountered a glitch where Deadlock’s ultimate ability causes the spike to disappear entirely from the map. This issue was first reported by a Reddit user, who also shared a video showcasing the glitch. The spike’s disappearance negatively impacts gameplay dynamics and raises concerns regarding the reliability of Deadlock’s abilities. While this glitch has been reported on Valorant’s subreddit, the community awaits an official response from Riot Games regarding a fix.


Valorant’s recent additions, including the Team Deathmatch mode and the agent Deadlock, have brought excitement to players. However, the discovery of glitches and bugs within these additions has marred the overall experience. Exploits such as Omen’s Shrouded Step glitch and Jett’s Sage wall boost provide unfair advantages, disrupting the game’s balance. Furthermore, Deadlock’s ultimate ability glitch, causing the spike to vanish, compromises gameplay dynamics and agent functionality. As the Valorant community eagerly awaits resolutions, it is crucial for Riot Games to address these glitches promptly, ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.