In a concerning development, professional Valorant player Ali ‘Swerl’ Kobraee took to Twitter to shed light on an alleged incident of racial abuse he experienced during a recent Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) tournament. Swerl, who competes for Chinese side RNG, revealed that individuals associated with the opposing team, Monarch Effect, racially taunted him by using derogatory language and making monkey sounds during a match.

Incident Details

Swerl, an Iranian player who previously competed in Oceania, detailed the incident in a now-deleted tweet. According to his statement, after the second map of the match (Haven), he encountered a couple of individuals wearing Monarch Effect shirts in the bathroom. Swerl claimed they called him a monkey, using the word “houzi,” and continued making monkey noises during the subsequent map.

Support from Teammate:

Swerl’s teammate, ‘xiaonuo,’ corroborated his account in a now-deleted tweet, confirming the occurrence of the racial abuse during the Valorant Champions China Qualifier.

Official Response:

Following the incident, Swerl reported the matter to a tournament official, leading to the initiation of an investigation. At the time of writing, neither RNG, Monarch Effect, nor Riot Games have issued official statements regarding the situation.

Ongoing Investigation:

To ensure a fair and thorough examination of the allegations, Swerl deleted his initial tweet, citing an “ongoing investigation” as the reason. Despite removing the post, he maintained his stance, stating that he stands by what he heard but understands the importance of following the established procedures.

Player Background:

Swerl, an established Valorant professional, commenced his career in 2020 in Oceania, achieving a top-four placement at First Strike Oceania with the team Mindfreak. In early 2023, he transitioned to the Chinese Valorant scene, joining RNG as their primary Duelist player.

Combating Abuse and Ensuring Fair Play:

Incidents of racial abuse have no place in competitive gaming or any other aspect of society. The esports community continues to work towards promoting inclusivity, diversity, and respect. Instances like these underscore the need for comprehensive policies and strict enforcement to combat such behavior. Organizations like Riot Games are committed to fostering safe and welcoming environments for all participants.


The alleged racial abuse endured by Swerl during the VCT tournament has highlighted the importance of addressing and eradicating such conduct from the competitive gaming landscape. As the investigation proceeds, the esports community eagerly awaits the response from RNG, Monarch Effect, and Riot Games. It is crucial that the incident is thoroughly examined, and appropriate measures are taken to ensure that players are protected and such instances are prevented in the future.