Valorant, the popular tactical first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, is gearing up for its most anticipated event of the year, Valorant Champions 2023. To commemorate this grand tournament, Riot Games will be launching the Valorant Champions 2023 bundle, featuring a stunning collection of skins for various weapons. This article will provide you with all the exciting details about the bundle, including its release date, price, and exclusive features.

An Exclusive Look at the Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle

The Valorant Champions 2023 bundle is set to captivate players with its exquisite design and premium offerings. Alongside the visually striking weapon skins, players can expect additional features such as upgrades and animations, enhancing their gameplay experience. Furthermore, purchasers of the bundle will also be treated to a unique kill banner, allowing them to showcase their achievements in style.

Release Date and Availability of the Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle

Riot Games has scheduled the official reveal of the Valorant Champions 2023 bundle for July 31, 2023. Following the unveiling, the bundle will be made available in the Valorant market starting from August 1, 2023. Players will have the opportunity to acquire the bundle one week before the Valorant Champions 2023 tournament kicks off, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation among the player base.

It is important to note that the Valorant Champions 2023 bundle will be a limited-time offering, meaning it will not be available for purchase at a later date or in future Night Market events. Players keen on acquiring this exclusive collection should plan accordingly and secure their bundle during the designated period.

Pricing and Value of the Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle

While Riot Games has yet to disclose the exact price of the Valorant Champions 2023 bundle, we can draw insights from previous years’ offerings to estimate its cost. The Champions 2021 bundle was priced at 6,263 Valorant Points (VP), while the 2022 bundle carried a price tag of 6,167 VP. Based on these figures, it is reasonable to anticipate that the 2023 bundle will be priced around 6,200 VP.

The higher price of the bundle can be attributed to its premium nature, as well as its role in supporting the franchised teams participating in the Valorant Champions Tour. In previous years, a portion of the revenue generated from the Champions bundles was distributed equally among the teams, providing them with additional financial backing. For instance, the 2022 bundle sales amounted to a staggering $18.7 million, with almost half of the proceeds going to the participating teams.

Valorant Champions 2023 Tournament: Dates and Venue

The Valorant Champions 2023 tournament is scheduled to commence on August 6, 2023, and will span over three weeks of thrilling competition. The culmination of the event will take place on August 26, 2023, where the Top 16 teams will vie for the championship title. This LAN event will be held at The Kia Forum in Los Angeles, USA, with a passionate audience in attendance, reminiscent of the electrifying atmosphere witnessed during the LOCK//IN and Masters Tokyo tournaments.


Valorant enthusiasts can look forward to the highly anticipated Valorant Champions 2023 event, accompanied by the release of the Valorant Champions 2023 bundle. This limited-time offering will provide players with an opportunity to acquire an impressive collection of weapon skins, along with exciting upgrades and animations. The bundle’s release on August 1, 2023, marks the beginning of the final stage of the Valorant Champions Tour, where the Top 16 teams will compete for glory and a substantial share of the prize pool. Prepare yourself for the epic Valorant Champions 2023 tournament, as teams battle it out to be crowned the ultimate champions of Valorant.