Weibo Gaming has taken the lead in Week 1 of the PEL 2023 Spring after an impressive display of skills in the first three days of gameplay. With a total of 157 points from 15 matches and three Chicken Dinners, the squad has secured its place at the top of the leaderboard.

Despite a slow start in the Breakout phase, where they finished 10th, Weibo Gaming managed to make a comeback in the Weekly Finals, thanks to the addition of Suk and DaoShi to their lineup. The team’s determination and perseverance paid off as they clinched the top spot in Week 1 of the tournament.

Vision Esports surprised many by securing the second position with 147 points, ahead of some of the more experienced teams. Nova Esports, with the help of the Chinese master, Order, held the third spot after a slow start on Day 1. However, the team made a remarkable comeback on the second day, securing two back-to-back Chicken Dinners.

RSG and LGD also put up a commendable performance, finishing fourth and fifth with 128 and 127 points, respectively. Four Angry Men, who finished eighth in PMGC 2022, managed to accumulate 120 points without a Chicken Dinner, displaying their formidable skills.

The top five teams have qualified for the PEL second weekly Finals, while the rest will battle it out in Week 2 Breakout. Several well-known squads like Tianba and AG failed to make it to the Week 1 Finals, which came as a surprise to many.

Although The Chosen had a slow start, the team managed to make a comeback on Day 2 by securing two back-to-back Chicken Dinners. However, their momentum faded in the following matches, and they eventually finished in eighth place after a surge in the 14th match.

On the final day of the competition, TEC managed to gather an impressive 57 points in their last three matches, almost half of their total points accumulated in the previous 12 games.

The defending champions, now hired by Wolves Esports, had a disappointing run, finishing 14th on the overall scoreboard. Despite starting their campaign with a Chicken Dinner, the team lost their form and were eliminated six times without scoring a single point.

In conclusion, the PEL 2023 Spring has kicked off to an intense start, with Weibo Gaming leading the pack in Week 1. With many more weeks to come, fans can expect to witness some of the most exciting and competitive gameplay from the world’s top PUBG Mobile teams.