Scoutop or Johnathan who plays better BGMI? Who’s the best BGMI player in India?


He is one of the most renowned eSports players and one of the best BGMI and former PUBG mobile players in the eSports community of India. He has been playing competitively since 2019. He had quickly made a name for himself because of his amazing skills to make a perfect move and by having ability to know the opponent’s strategies beforehand and by exploiting their weakness and winning over them. These are some skills which make sc0ut different from others. His YouTube channel-


Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral is the country’s top professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports player. Currently, he is a member of Team Godlike. Jonathan has dominated and demonstrated his potential in every competition from the beginning of his career, and his blistering performances have helped his squad reach new heights. Jonathan’s exceptional reflexes, high IQ games, and sharp aim distinguish him as one of the finest. His YouTube channel- 

Stats and gaming ratio

Scout’s stats 

Scout has competed in 6987 classic matches in the TPP Squad mode and has emerged victorious in 1558 matches (with a winning ratio of 22.3%). He has reached the top 10 in 3833 matches along with his teammates. Scout has dealt with total damage of 6058219.4 with an average damage of 867.1.

In comparison to Johnathan

Jonathan is also renowned as Universal MVP after his following MVP title wins in both PUBG Mobile and BGMI esports tournaments. Meanwhile, Scout is the owner of Team X Spark and is renowned for his great performances in tournaments. of today , Jonathan has participated in 7688 classic matches in the TPP Squad mode. He has won a chicken dinner in 2075 matches (with a win ratio of 27.0%), helping his squad reach the top 10 in 4827 matches.


However, it is worth noting that esports competitions can be unpredictable, and the title of “best player” can change based on various factors such as the game meta, the teams they play with, and their current form. Both Johnathan and Scout are highly skilled players in BGMI, and they have a considerable fan following in the Indian esports community. Ultimately, it is up to personal preference to decide which player is the “best.”

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