Esports fans, rejoice! The iconic World Cyber Games (WCG) is back, ready to make a triumphant return to the global stage. After a brief hiatus, WCG has emerged with a fresh approach, thanks to its new owner, the South Korean esports company Bigpicture Interactive. With a mission to “Make gamers’ lives happier,” Bigpicture Interactive has breathed new life into WCG, transforming it into an open platform for gamers and game developers worldwide. Let’s dive into how WCG is taking the esports industry by storm once again!

A Modern Revival

Having witnessed the incredible growth of esports over the past two decades, WCG knew it was time to adapt. With the industry now dominated by official competitions organized by game developers, WCG found a new direction under the helm of Bigpicture Interactive. The company, known for its esports prowess and gaming expertise, aims to provide continuous entertainment and thrilling competitions for both online and offline gamers.

The New Owners

Founded by CEO Kwangjun Song, Bigpicture Interactive has been making waves in the esports scene since 2015. From the first pro-gamer school to an esports tournament platform, the company’s journey has been fueled by its passion for gaming. With acquisitions of gaming-related entities, Bigpicture Interactive’s value is estimated at an impressive $156.8 million (200 billion won).

Embracing Change

WCG’s comeback in 2023 hasn’t been without challenges. Adapting to the online world was a significant hurdle, but the company’s dedication to covering the entire globe has driven progress. Collaboration with game developers has been a key strategy, exemplified by its partnership with Riot Games for the VALORANT Challengers Korea. Moreover, WCG’s Rivals Series, with international influencers, garnered over 40 million views across various platforms.

WCG 2023 BUSAN: A Spectacular Return

WCG is gearing up for a grand return to LAN tournaments at WCG 2023 BUSAN, an esports and gaming festival in South Korea. Developers like Smilegate, Supercell, Riot Games, and more will be in attendance. The festival promises not only thrilling competitions but also a delightful array of events and activations, making it an immersive gaming experience.

A Real Festival for Gamers

WCG understands that being just an esports competition isn’t enough; it’s transforming into a full-fledged gaming festival. With virtual KPOP showcases and classic game sparring zones, WCG aims to capture the hearts of today’s gamers just as it did with the older generation in 2000.


World Cyber Games’ return heralds a new era of esports entertainment and competition. With Bigpicture Interactive’s vision and expertise, WCG has reemerged as a platform-friendly tournament series that caters to gamers worldwide. As WCG continues to evolve and captivate the gaming community, it proves that an old dog can indeed learn new tricks, and its prestigious brand is here to stay, stronger than ever!