Asus is set to unveil its new handheld gaming console, the ROG Ally (2024), during a YouTube live stream on May 10. This device follows its predecessor, the ROG Ally (2023), with upgrades such as next-gen hardware, a sleek black design, and fixes to previous issues like the microSD card slot placement. The price has also dropped significantly, making it a competitive option in the market. The ROG Ally (2024) boasts impressive specs like 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage, with expandable storage options. Let us dive deep into the article to get more such information.

Introduction to Asus ROG Ally (2024)

Asus, a pioneer in the PC gaming industry, is set to create waves once again with its upcoming announcement of the ROG Ally (2024), a new addition to its lineup of handheld gaming consoles. Scheduled for a YouTube live stream debut at 12:30 am on May 10, the ROG Ally (2024) is already causing a buzz in gaming communities worldwide.

The Successor to ROG Ally (2023)

Hardware Upgrades

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the ROG Ally (2024) is expected to feature next-generation hardware, including possibly the latest AMD chip. Unlike its predecessor, which boasted an APU instead of dedicated graphics, this new iteration may bring improvements in performance and efficiency.

Design Changes

A notable change teased through social media posts is the shift from an all-white finish to a sleek black design. This aesthetic upgrade is likely to appeal to gamers seeking a more sophisticated look for their gaming devices.

Overcoming Previous Issues

MicroSD Card Slot Fix

One of the criticisms faced by the previous model, ROG Ally (2023), was its placement of the microSD card slot near the heat vents, causing issues for some users. The ROG Ally (2024) is expected to address this flaw, ensuring a more user-friendly experience.

Pricing and Availability

Previous Price and Recent Reduction

The original ROG Ally (2023) debuted at a price of Rs 69,990 in India. However, recent developments have seen a significant price drop, with the console now retailing at Rs 49,990. This price reduction makes it a compelling option for gamers looking for a Windows-11 powered handheld console without breaking the bank.

Key Specifications

The ROG Ally (2024) offers impressive specifications, including 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. Additionally, it comes equipped with a microSD card slot, allowing users to expand their storage capabilities further.


The Asus ROG Ally (2024) represents a leap forward in handheld gaming technology, combining powerful hardware upgrades with thoughtful design changes to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. With solutions to previous issues and an attractive price point, it is poised to become a favorite among gaming enthusiasts. In conclusion, the unveiling of the Asus ROG Ally (2024) represents a significant leap forward in the realm of handheld gaming consoles. With its anticipated next-generation hardware, sleek design enhancements, and solutions to past user concerns, such as the microSD card slot placement, Asus is poised to capture the attention and loyalty of gamers worldwide.

The substantial price reduction further solidifies its position as a competitive and accessible option in the gaming market. Offering robust specifications, expandable storage options, and a promise of an exceptional gaming experience, the ROG Ally (2024) stands as a testament to Asus’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. It is not merely a successor but a testament to the continuous evolution and improvement of gaming technology.

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