Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the popular battle royale game, is gearing up for its highly anticipated update 2.6, expected to be released in late July 2023. This update brings a plethora of exciting features and introduces a new theme mode that has garnered considerable attention from the player community. While the information provided is based on leaks and rumors, it offers an intriguing glimpse into what players can potentially expect from this upcoming update.

New Features in BGMI Update 2.6

The forthcoming BGMI update 2.6 promises to enhance the gameplay experience by introducing several new features. Here are some noteworthy additions:

  1. Full Auto Mode Attachment: Players can now equip the Full Auto Mode attachment, enabling burst guns like the M16A4 and MK47 to fire in auto mode. This attachment offers greater convenience and flexibility during intense battles.
  1. Companion Spectating: Upon being eliminated in a match, players will have the option to transform into a companion and spectate the rest of the ongoing match. This feature allows players to remain engaged and observe the actions of their teammates or opponents.
  1. Knock-Out Door Control Ability: After being knocked out in a match, players can utilize the Knock-Out Door Control Ability to open or close doors in nearby houses. This tactical advantage can be leveraged to mislead opponents or secure a safe position while waiting for revival.
  1. Day and Night Mode: The update introduces the Day and Night Mode feature, enabling players to adjust the in-game lighting conditions. With options such as Sunny, Dusk, and Night, players can choose their preferred ambiance and further immerse themselves in the game.
Vehicle Changes

BGMI update 2.6 also brings significant alterations to the vehicle roster, enhancing mobility and strategic possibilities:

  1. Mirado on Erangel and Sanhok: The iconic Mirado, a convertible sports car, will make its debut on the Erangel and Sanhok maps. This addition adds a touch of luxury and style to players’ vehicular choices.
  1. Monster Truck on Erangel: To add excitement and variety to gameplay, a Monster Truck will be spawned on the Erangel map. This rugged vehicle is sure to provide players with a thrilling off-road experience.
  1. Open Rooftop UAZ Removal: The Open Rooftop UAZ vehicle will be removed from the Erangel map, streamlining the available vehicle options and optimizing gameplay balance.
Additional Changes

Apart from the major feature additions, BGMI update 2.6 will introduce other noteworthy changes, including:

  1. Recall System: A recall system will be implemented in Erangel-ranked matches, offering players an opportunity to bring back their eliminated teammates. This system promotes teamwork and allows for potential comebacks in intense matches.
  1. Teammate Restrain: To mitigate accidental or intentional team-killing, players will have the ability to restrain the movement of a teammate who has knocked them out. This feature ensures fair gameplay and prevents disruptive behavior within squads.

New Theme Mode: DINO GROUND

According to leaks and speculation, BGMI update 2.6 may introduce the highly popular Dino Ground Theme Mode. This mode, originating from PUBG Mobile, has garnered a dedicated fan base and adds a fresh and immersive twist to the gameplay experience.


BGMI update 2.6 holds great promise, with an array of new features and the potential introduction of the popular Dianoground Theme Mode. While the provided details are based on leaks and rumors, they have generated significant anticipation among players. As the release date approaches, the BGMI community eagerly awaits the official confirmation from the developers and looks forward to experiencing the enhanced gameplay and fresh additions that this update promises to bring.