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The Pre- registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India has officially begun and now it’s time for the system requirement and all related stuff for Android users, 6th of May, 2021 was the day when KRAFTON  Officially released the first Trailer of Battlegrounds Mobile India by Teasing the highly anticipated mobile games logo. It’s been almost 2 weeks now. The pre- registration of the game is going on, As developers have posted yet another video that features popular content creators – Dynamo Gaming, Jonathan and Kronten alongside with Indian actor Arshad Warsi. Battlegrounds Mobile India does not seem to be  too demanding on the system, making it more accessible. Although, Battlegrounds Mobile India at the moment is only available for Android and the Pre- registration is not available for iOS users.

Minimum System Requirement For Android:-

Let’s take a look at the minimum system requirement for users to operate Battleground Mobile India on their particular devices, As the pre- registration revealed a lot of additional information about the game including the recommended system requirements. For now, the iOS users might need to wait it out for the game’s arrival, As the India exclusive Battle Royale is only available for Android devices.

System Requirements :

Android Version: Android 5.1.1 or Above

RAM: Minimum 2GB RAM

For now, these are the only particulars available for the Free-To-Play mobile game. Battlegrounds Mobile India will officially release the info on the Download Size of the game.

As the above mentioned system requirements does not give away a lot of details about the highly anticipated game, But it is enough to know that the game might not be too heavy for the system of device. Which means that even low-end devices will be able to run the game without facing any major game-related issues.

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Developers of the game KRAFTON are additionally giving away a few free in-game items to all those users who pre- register for the game.

The Free rewards include the following items:-

  • The Recon Outfit
  • The Recon Mask
  • 300 AG (AG Gold- The official in-game Virtual Currency)
  • Celebration Expert Title

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Sneak Peak: on Battlegrounds Mobile India:-

Battlegrounds Mobile India the upcoming game is the re- launched version of PUBG Mobile which has been developed exclusively for India by the developers of the game KRAFTON. The game will have restrictions on the playtime for under age of 18 will be restricted to a maximum of 3 hours of playtime per day with a maximum daily spending limit of Rs. ₹7000.

Following Are Some Features That Might Include in The Game:-

  • The game is being set in “a virtual simulation training ground,” instead of the battlefields in the regular version of the game.
  • New characters automatically starting clothed.
  • Green Hit effects (instead of the previous red which resembled blood effects) to reflect the virtual nature of the game.
  • A new feature that places restrictions on game time to promote healthy gameplay habits for younger players.

Till then stay tuned with us for more details regarding PUBG Mobile and keep visiting us for more information and updates on Esports & more. Have you Pre-registered for Battlegrounds Mobile India & Are you excited for Battleground Mobile India just comment below all your views. That’s it, but what now we all should look about is that you have to ” Stay Home Stay Safe, Wear a Mask when Necessary, Maintain Social Distancing, Use Hand Sanitizers, We will Unite to Fight against this COVID-19, We assure you that we will deliver all new and fresh new articles consistently, just stay at home and check us out we are always there for you. Take care, good bye.