The highly anticipated Day 2 of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 Round 4 has come to a thrilling conclusion. The competition witnessed intense battles and remarkable performances, with the emerging squad of FS Esports standing out as the top contender. Alongside FS Esports, teams like Chemin Esports, Inspiration Esports, and Magnet Esports demonstrated consistent gameplay, securing their spots in the semi-finals of BGIS 2024.


BGIS 2024 Round 4 saw a total of 256 teams vying for a place in the semi-finals. Each group in the round had to showcase exceptional skills and strategy to move forward in the tournament. The stakes were high, and the competition was fierce, as only the best teams would earn the coveted spots in the next stage.

FS Esports Dominates Day 2 Group 2 BGIS

FS Esports emerged as the dominant force in Day 2 Group 2 BGIS of Round 4. Their aggressive and consistent performance across matches enabled them to secure the top position on the leaderboard. With a total of 76 points, including 1 chicken dinner and 49 finish points, FS Esports set a high standard for the other teams. Their gameplay was marked by strategic movements, precise targeting, and effective teamwork, making them the team to watch in the semi-finals.

Strong Performances by Chemin Esports and Inspiration Esports

Chemin Esports also put forth a commendable effort, placing second in the group. They earned a total of 55 points, which included 1 chicken dinner and 35 finish points in BGIS. Their balanced approach and ability to adapt to the dynamic in-game scenarios contributed significantly to their success.

Inspiration Esports, another rising team, secured the third position with 55 points as well. Though they did not secure a chicken dinner, their consistency in accumulating position and finish points showcased their potential and readiness for the upcoming challenges in the semi-finals.

Magnet Esports and Infected Mushrooms Make Their Mark

Magnet Esports, finishing fourth, also demonstrated strong gameplay, securing 47 points and 1 chicken dinner BGIS. Their ability to stay composed under pressure and make strategic decisions in crucial moments was key to their success.

Infected Mushrooms followed closely in fifth place with 43 points and 1 chicken dinner in BGIS. Their performance highlighted their resilience and capability to compete against some of the top teams in the tournament.

Other Notable Performances

Big Brother Esports claimed the sixth spot with 40 points and 1 chicken dinner. With 27 of their points coming from finishes, their aggressive playstyle was evident. PL Dominators and Blind Esports both scored 38 points, but Blind Esports impressed with 31 finish points, indicating their aggressive approach in securing eliminations.

Teams Qualified for Semi-Finals from Group 2

The teams that secured direct spots in the semi-finals from Group 2 are:

  • FS Esports
  • Chemin Esports
  • Inspiration Esports
  • Magnet Esports

Detailed Points Table for Day 2 Group 2

RankTeamWWCDPos. PtsFin. PtsTot. Pts
1FS Esports1274976
2Chemin Esports1203555
3Inspiration Esports0253055
4Magnet Esports1212647
5Infected Mushrooms1202343
6Big Brother Esports1132740
7PL Dominators0112738
8Blind Esports073138
9Genesis Esports1131528
10Dragon Claw081725
1147 Esports061925
12Imprint Esports051621
13Team VST081119
14Team Aaru041115
15Rivalry Esports021315
16Raven Esports0268
table of day 2 group 2

Teams Heading to the Wildcard Entry Round

While FS Esports, Chemin Esports, Inspiration Esports, and Magnet Esports secured their spots in the semi-finals, other teams such as Blind Esports, Team Aaru, Rivalry Esports, and Raven Esports fell short. These teams, along with upcoming squads like Imprint Esports and Team VST, will now compete in the Wildcard Entry round for another chance to qualify for the semi-finals.


The competition in BGIS 2024 Round 4 Day 2 Group 2 was a testament to the growing talent and fierce rivalry in the esports arena. FS Esports’ dominance and the impressive performances by Chemin Esports, Inspiration Esports, and Magnet Esports set the stage for an exciting semi-final round. As the tournament progresses, fans and players alike eagerly await the next phase of intense battles and strategic gameplay in BGIS 2024.

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