In the high-stakes arena of competitive gaming, every round is a battleground where teams either rise to glory or face unexpected challenges. The BGIS 2024 Round 4 was no exception, witnessing popular squads like Team Soul, MOGO, and Revenant Esports stumble and fall short of securing top positions in Group 4. These teams, once considered formidable contenders, now find themselves relegated to the Wildcard Stage after finishing among the bottom 12 in their group.


The BGIS 2024 tournament has been a thrilling spectacle, showcasing the talents and strategies of top esports teams from around the world. Held in a virtual landscape where precision, teamwork, and quick thinking reign supreme, this tournament has captured the attention of millions of fans globally.

Round 4 Upsets: Team Soul, MOGO, and Revenant Esports

Team Soul, MOGO, and Revenant Esports entered Round 4 with high hopes and a track record of impressive performances. However, the intense competition and ever-evolving meta proved to be challenging hurdles for these squads. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to secure a spot among the top four in Group 4, signaling a temporary setback in their quest for esports dominance.

Relegation to the Wildcard Stage

The bottom 12 teams in Group 4, including Team Soul, MOGO, and Revenant Esports, now face the daunting task of clawing their way back up through the Wildcard Stage. This stage serves as a second chance for teams to prove their mettle and earn a spot in the Semifinals. It’s a make-or-break opportunity where strategic adaptations and flawless execution are key to survival.

Semifinals Week 1: The Pursuit of Glory

As the top four squads from Group 4 advance to Semifinals Week 1, the stage is set for intense battles and epic showdowns. These elite teams have demonstrated their prowess and secured their spots among the tournament’s frontrunners. With eyes on the ultimate prize, they embark on a journey filled with challenges, rivalries, and unforgettable moments.

FFWS SEA Grand Finale in BGIS

While the BGIS 2024 Round 4 unfolds, another gripping esports saga concludes in the FFWS SEA Grand Finale. Hosted in Vietnam on May 26, this event witnessed 12 formidable teams vying for eight coveted seats in the Free Fire Esports World Cup 2024 Riyadh. The competition was fierce, with six matches played across five maps to determine the top contenders.

P Esports Secures Second Place

Among the standout performers in the FFWS SEA Grand Finale was the Vietnamese squad P Esports. With a stellar performance, they secured second place with 99 points and one Booyah. Their strategic prowess and exceptional teamwork propelled them to the upper echelons of the tournament, earning them recognition as one of the top contenders in the esports scene.

Thailand’s Buriram United

Despite a challenging start in the FFWS SEA Grand Finals, Thailand’s Buriram United showcased resilience and determination. With 97 points to their name, they clinched the third rank, proving that consistency and adaptability are essential traits in competitive gaming. Notably, Wassana from Buriram United emerged as the World Series’ MVP, highlighting the individual skill and contribution that players bring to their teams. This showed a big difference during the matches & games as Wassana was the highlight throughout the BGIS.


The BGIS 2024 Round 4 and the FFWS SEA Grand Finale have been a testament to the excitement, drama, and skill that define the world of esports. As teams like Team Soul, MOGO, and Revenant Esports regroup and prepare for their next challenges, the esports community eagerly anticipates the unfolding narratives, upsets, and moments of glory that await in the journey towards esports immortality.

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