Exclusive BGMI updated redeem codes are here, get exclusive rewards and gifts!


If you’re a BGMI enthusiast, the thrill of victory gets even better with exclusive in-game rewards. Elevate your gaming experience with new skins, outfits, and more using BGMI Redeem Codes from battlegroundsmobileindia.com. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the redemption process and offer a treasure trove of 50+ codes to kickstart your journey.

What are BGMI Redeem Codes?

BGMI Redeem Codes, comprising 10-12 alphanumeric characters, grant access to premium in-game items like costumes, vehicle skins, gun skins, and more. Get ready to enhance your inventory and stand out on the battleground.

BGMI Redeem Codes 

Here are shuffled codes similar to the ones you provided:

1. Golden Scar Skin – 9Z2JKL4HRVX

2. Winter Camo Jacket – XN7VM4TQPLK

3. 500 UC – RT9P4KJXWYA

4. AKM Gun Skin – F5LQ2PHJ7RB

5. Elegant Tuxedo Outfit – 2VN8LKJF4WM

6. Black Panther Parachute – A3H9KJ7PQZM

7. Motorcycle Skin – 8X4LP3J7BHR

8. Snowflake Backpack – 5T6JP9ZCVMX

9. Stealth Assassin Suit – C8V2M4LQXNH

10. Silver Fragments – LK3Q9J7BPMX

11. Free Rename Card – PZ9K4H3LMNX

12. Desert Eagle Skin – JN7PV4LQWTA

13. Tactical Helmet Skin – X9H3K5JBVML

14. Ghillie Suit – R5T9PJ7QKMH

15. Winter Wonderland UAZ – B3K7PL4JQ9M

16. Frostbite Kar98K Skin – 4V2NJ7LH5PK

17. Glacial AK47 Skin – 8R4KJ3LN7BQ

18. Urban Camo Pants – M5V9P7JLBKQ

19. Iceberg Pan – H3K7LMN4PVJ

20. Snowstorm M416 Skin – Q9P4LJ7BMVK

Google Play Redeem Codes

  • RT7M9EKJF45BC6L3
  • 8AZ2YB0XNGJI67R1
  • R8P0ZL7T3S1VNJ2W
  • L9J2P3FDX8QCMK06
  • 1XVBS9A8M7R34FDG
  • DZS7A9K8Y0V2HCN3
  • YX0PL21EN4C87U6M
  • LMDN6R7G9V1D5G3F
  • 23KL4RMD09SAX8O1
  • P8F2TLC9R04A3NYB

How to Redeem BGMI Codes

  • Access the BGMI Redemption Center: Visit the official BGMI Redemption Center, your gateway to exclusive treasures.
  • Fill in the Character ID: Locate your Character ID below your in-game name. Input it into the designated column.
  • Enter the Redemption Code: Choose a code from our extensive list and input it into the Redemption Code column.
  • Verification Code: Enter the numbers displayed in the Verification Code box for added security.
  • Redeem: Click the “Redeem” button to unlock your rewards.
  • Claim Your Prize: Head to your in-game Mail to claim your well-earned rewards and dominate the battlegrounds with style.


In the dynamic world of BGMI, these redeem codes open a door to a realm of possibilities. Fuel your victory with premium items and outshine your opponents. Grab your codes now and let the battlegrounds witness your rise to glory.

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