The much-awaited BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 is gearing up for an electrifying climax, as 16 top-tier teams have secured their spot in the upcoming playoffs. After weeks of intense battles, the journey to the Grand Finals is now more thrilling than ever. This article delves into the structure of the playoffs, the participating teams, and the high stakes that await the participants.

Playoffs Format and Schedule

The BGMI Masters Series Season 2 Playoffs are set to unfold with an intense showdown, featuring 16 skilled teams. The playoffs are scheduled to take place from August 22 to August 23. A total of six matches will be held over these two days, with three matches slated for each day. The playoffs serve as a gateway to the Grand Finals, where the top 12 teams from the playoffs will lock horns with Blind Esports, Insane Esports, Global Esports, and Marcos Gaming.

Battle of the Titans: The Competing Teams

The list of 16 teams that have qualified for the BGMS Season 2 Playoffs is a testament to the fierce competition in the BGMI esports scene. These elite squads have showcased their prowess and teamwork to secure their spot in the playoffs. The competing teams include familiar names like Gladiators Esports, Enigma Gaming, Medal Esports, and Orangutan Esports, to name a few.

Grand Finals Qualification

The stakes couldn’t be higher as the BGMS Season 2 Playoffs determine the fate of the remaining teams. While four teams have already earned their ticket to the Grand Finals, the remaining 16 teams are battling it out for the coveted 12 spots in the Grand Finals. At the end of the intense playoffs, 16 finalists will emerge, while four teams will bid farewell to their BGMS Season 2 journey.

Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports Collaboration

The grandeur of BGMS Season 2 owes much of its success to the strategic partnership between Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports. This collaboration has brought forth India’s most anticipated esports spectacle, which had a spectacular start on August 4. With a total of 24 participating teams, BGMS Season 2 boasts an unprecedented prize pool of INR 2.1 crore (over USD 250K), making it one of the most lucrative non-publisher esports events in the region.


As the BGMI Masters Series Season 2 Playoffs approach, the excitement among esports enthusiasts is reaching fever pitch. The journey that began with 24 teams has now culminated in the intense battle among the top 16 teams. With Grand Finals qualification at stake, these teams are prepared to showcase their skills and determination on the battleground. The BGMS Season 2 Playoffs promise an unforgettable clash of talent and strategy, solidifying its status as India’s premier esports event.