Cerberus Esports, representing Vietnam, has achieved a monumental victory by being crowned champions of the PUBG Global Series 3. The team secured a substantial prize of 2.3 billion VND (100,000 USD), marking a significant milestone in the Vietnamese esports scene. Cerberus Esports showcased exceptional skills and strategic prowess throughout the tournament, dominating the competition and highlighting their place among the world’s elite PUBG teams.

Dominance Throughout the Tournament

The journey to the championship was anything but easy, but Cerberus Esports managed to dominate the PUBG Global Series 3 with a total of 163 points. Their performance was highlighted by 108 kill points and 55 placement points, setting them apart from other teams with a commanding lead. The second-placed team, Soniqs, trailed by 21 points, underscoring Cerberus Esports’ consistency and tactical expertise throughout the 18 intense matches.

Tactical Excellence and Strategic Prowess

Cerberus Esports’ success can be attributed to their strategic brilliance and meticulous planning. Each match showcased their ability to adapt to the dynamic environment of PUBG, making calculated moves that consistently outplayed their opponents. This strategic mindset was a critical factor in their ability to accumulate points steadily and maintain their lead in the tournament standings.

Standout Performance by Himass

One of the key contributors to Cerberus Esports’ triumph was Himass, whose real name is La Phuong Tien Dat. Himass was named the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the tournament, a testament to his exceptional skill and game sense. His contributions were instrumental in securing the victory for Cerberus Esports, earning him recognition as the number one PUBG player in the world.

MVP and Global Recognition

Himass’ individual performance was nothing short of spectacular. His ability to consistently secure kills and survive critical moments played a pivotal role in Cerberus Esports’ overall success. As the MVP of the tournament, Himass has cemented his status as a top-tier player on the global stage, serving as an inspiration to aspiring gamers worldwide, especially in Vietnam.

The Tournament Overview

The PUBG Global Series 3 brought together 16 of the world’s top PUBG teams to compete in the finals. The competition was fierce, with high-stakes gameplay characterizing each match. The group stage saw the elimination of eight teams, setting the stage for an intense final series. Cerberus Esports’ victory amidst such a competitive field highlights their exceptional preparation and execution.

Intense Competition and High Stakes

The level of competition in the PUBG Global Series 3 was extraordinarily high, with teams from around the world vying for the top spot. Each match was a test of skill, strategy, and endurance, making Cerberus Esports’ victory even more impressive. The tournament provided a platform for the best players and teams to showcase their talents and compete at the highest level.

Impact on Vietnamese Esports

Cerberus Esports’ triumph at the PUBG Global Series 3 is a significant achievement for the Vietnamese esports community. This victory is expected to have a profound impact on the popularity and development of esports in Vietnam. With Himass being named the top player in the world, young gamers and aspiring esports professionals in Vietnam now have a new role model to look up to.

Inspiration for Future Generations

The success of Cerberus Esports serves as a powerful inspiration for other Vietnamese esports teams and players. It demonstrates that with determination, hard work, and strategic acumen, they too can achieve greatness on the world stage. This victory is a proud moment for Vietnam and a significant step forward for the country’s esports industry.

The Future of Cerberus Esports

Looking ahead, Cerberus Esports aims to maintain their top position and continue their success in future tournaments. Their victory at the PUBG Global Series 3 has set a high standard, and the team is motivated to build on this achievement. The competitive spirit and dedication of Cerberus Esports will undoubtedly drive them to seek further triumphs on the global stage.

Sustaining Success and Aspiring for More

Cerberus Esports’ championship win is not just a one-time achievement but a stepping stone for future endeavors. The team’s ability to consistently perform at a high level will be crucial as they face new challenges and tougher competition in upcoming tournaments. Their journey serves as an inspiration and a blueprint for success in the esports arena.


Cerberus Esports’ victory at the PUBG Global Series 3 is a testament to their hard work, strategic brilliance, and exceptional skill. This achievement is a proud moment for Vietnam and highlights the potential of the country’s esports talent. As Cerberus Esports continues to shine on the global stage, they inspire a new generation of gamers and solidify Vietnam’s position in the world of esports. The future looks bright for Vietnamese esports, with Cerberus Esports leading the charge.

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