Ishan Verma, the visionary owner of Chemin Esports, has taken a significant step towards transforming India’s esports scene by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the state of Uttar Pradesh at the UP Global Investors Summit 2023. With a strong commitment to talent development and management, Chemin Esports is making waves in the gaming industry in India and Brazil.

The UP Global Investors Summit 2023 brought together a range of international leaders to explore investment opportunities in various sectors, including sports, tourism, manufacturing, and esports. With the aim of turning India into a USD 5 trillion economy, the Uttar Pradesh government established a target of being a USD 1 trillion economy in the next five years. The summit was a platform for Chemin Esports to showcase its dedication to promoting the growth of esports in India.

Chemin Esports has gained a reputation as a leader in esports talent development and management in India and Brazil. The organization provides a platform for aspiring esports players to showcase their skills and compete in popular titles such as Battlegrounds Mobile India, Free Fire, Pubg New State, Pokemon Unite, and FIFA 23. With recent expansion in Brazil and a successful collaboration with Influence Chemin Esports, Chemin Esports’ Call of Duty Mobile lineup has qualified for the Global Championship, and their Pubg Mobile roster has qualified for the PMPL Americas 2022 championship. Additionally, they are the current Brazil champions in Arena of Valor.

The MOU signed by Chemin Esports and the state of Uttar Pradesh is a significant step towards boosting the development of esports in India. As the Indian esports market expands rapidly, Chemin Esports is at the forefront of this movement. With Ishan Verma’s vision and commitment, Chemin Esports is set to transform the esports scene in India and beyond.