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When the talk comes on Call of Duty Mobile & its Rifles and guns then definitely the AK47 rifle reminds us with its greatness as one of the most iconic weapons in COD Mobile. In Spite of its very high recoil, the AK47 in Call of Duty Mobile is one of the strongest assault rifle in the game.

Players with skills prefer the AK47 for its outstanding damage output. Call of Duty Mobile players can reduce the weapons recoil and can improve the overall damage per second ( DPS ) by adding the best attachments for AK47 in COD Mobile. So, today we are here with the best attachments and perks for AK47 assault rifle in Call of Duty Mobile, in this article we have listed the best attachments for AK47 in Call of Duty Mobile.

Details on AK47 in Call of Duty Mobile:-

An fully automatic assault rifle which can be occupied after reaching level 18. Although, AK47’s recoil makes it very hard to hit enemy targets accurately, but the weapon offers an exceptionally high damage output.

Image Courtesy: CODM

AK47 & it’s Stats:-

Some Basic Stats of AK47 are as follows:

Fire Rate55

An assault rifle with a massive damage and accuracy, but lacks in its low fire rate and control.

Best attachments and perks:-

AK47 can be built up depending on the players gameplay style. The Gunsmith system which is newly added in COD Mobile gives a player more customisation options for their weapons. Here are the best attachments for AK47 assault rifle in Call of Duty Mobile-

AK47 Close-Range Combat

AK47 close range combat loadout

A perfect one for them who prefer moving all around and shooting enemies in close range. The below mentioned attachments and perks will provide a player with better Aim Down Sight (ADS), accuracy, speed, recoil control and movement speed.


  • Stock: No Stock.
  • Muzzle: OWC Light Compensator.
  • Barrel: MIP Light Barrel (short).
  • Under Barrel: Strike Foregrip.
  • Laser: OWC Laser Tactical


  • Green: Toughness.
  • Blue: Dead Silence.
  • Red: Light weight.

AK47 Stealth Combat

AK47 stealth combat loadout

This one is right loadout for Players who prefer stealth gameplay mobility, recoil control and firing range along with a suppressed weapon noise will be improved by applying the below mentioned attachments & perks.


  • Stock: No Stock.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor.
  • Barrel: OWC Ranger.
  • Under Barrel: Strike Foregrip.


  • Green: Ghost.
  • Blue: Ghost.
  • Red: Light Weight.

AK47 Balanced Play Style

AK47 Balanced PlayStyle Loadout

A loadout perfect for any situation in front. Below mentioned attachments will offer you a satisfactory firing range, Air Down Sight Speed and recoil control.


  • Muzzle: OWC Light Compensator.
  • Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel.
  • Stock: MIP Strike Stock.
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip.
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.


  • Red: Lightweight.
  • Green: Quick Fix.
  • Blue: Dead Silence.

Above mentioned one of the best attachments and perks for AK47 in Call of Duty Mobile that will surely improve your performance when using this AR in the game. The attachments and perks mentioned above are the only ones that will help you out in handling the assault rifle better. Surely, it doesn’t come with these things, So players will still need to practice the AK47 assault rifle in order to get hands-on the weapon by feeling is comfortable and use it efficiently in Call of Duty Mobile.

That’s it! Till then stay tuned with us for more details regarding Call of Duty Mobile and keep visiting us for more information and updates on Esports & more. Have you got the perfect attachments & loadout information for the COD Mobile AK47 assault rifle from our article, just share your thoughts by commenting below, till then take care, goodbye.