The Indian gaming community finds itself divided once again as the controversial figure, Saggy, who was previously banned for cheating in BGMI Esports, reportedly returns to the scene through the BGMS S2 qualifiers conducted by Nodwin Gaming. While Saggy claims innocence and showcases clips from verified devices, his comeback has elicited strong reactions from industry leaders and pro players alike. In this article, we delve into the arguments for and against his return, exploring the implications it might have on the competitive integrity of BGMI Esports.

Saggy’s Controversial Comeback
The Allegations and Ban

Saggy’s journey in BGMI Esports took a dark turn when he was caught red-handed for cheating, resulting in his ban from the competitive circuit. The incident raised concerns about the prevalence of hacking and its impact on the spirit of fair play in the gaming community.

The BGMS S2 Qualifiers and Instagram Story

Despite his past, Saggy managed to participate in the BGMS S2 qualifiers organized by Nodwin Gaming, sparking a new wave of controversy. His Instagram story seemed to be a triumphant announcement of his return, accompanied by clips from Nodwin verified devices to support his claim of innocence.

Should Saggy be Allowed to Play Again?
Karthik Sabherwal’s Stand

Founder of Upthrust Esports, Karthik Sabherwal, emphasizes the need for a governing body in esports to regulate and enforce proper rule-sets. He firmly believes that those caught hacking or compromising the competitive spirit should face a minimum three-year ban from all events.

Nizhum Karmakar’s Stance

General Manager of TSM India, Nizhum Karmakar, argues that there should be no room for second chances when it comes to individuals who intentionally disrupt fair competition. Allowing such returns would undermine the hard work of genuine players striving to excel in the esports scene.

Rushindra Sinha’s Perspective

Founder and CEO of Global Esports, Rushindra Sinha, believes in second chances but not for those who willingly cheat and compromise the integrity of the sport. He draws a parallel with traditional sports, where such actions would lead to a permanent ban.

Ghatak’s Standpoint

Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare from Godlike Esports acknowledges the concept of second chances but advocates for stricter actions to set an example. He fears that leniency towards unethical behavior may encourage others to follow suit.

Encore’s Opinion

Rishabh “Encore” Katoch of Medal Esports highlights the community’s silence towards hackers making comebacks, implying that a double standard exists. He sarcastically envisions a future where such hackers will be celebrated for their transition from hacking to competitive play.

S8UL Sid’s Call for Unity

Siddhant “S8UL Sid” Joshi urges the gaming community to stand together and speak out against controversial comebacks like Saggy’s. He calls for collective action when things go awry, emphasizing the need for genuine concern for the esports scene.


The controversy surrounding Saggy’s return to BGMI Esports through the BGMS S2 qualifiers has reignited a passionate debate within the Indian gaming community. While some argue for second chances and consider rehabilitation, others stress the need for strict actions against those who intentionally compromise the competitive spirit. As the community continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how the esports industry and its stakeholders address such contentious issues to preserve the integrity of competitive gaming.