In an exciting move that promises to reshape the landscape of football gaming, EA Sports FC has announced a multi-year global partnership with PepsiCo. This collaboration aims to leverage the popularity of EA Sports FC and the reach of PepsiCo’s flagship brands, including Pepsi, Gatorade, and Lay’s, to engage football fans on a deeper level. As EA Sports FC emerges as an independent entity following its split from FIFA, this groundbreaking partnership paves the way for new horizons and thrilling opportunities for both brands.

EA Sports FC and PepsiCo Join Forces for Unprecedented Gaming Experience

With the partnership between EA Sports FC and PepsiCo, fans of EA’s upcoming game can look forward to a truly immersive gaming experience. The collaboration will involve in-game integrations, exclusive experiences, on-pack promotions, and in-game rewards, all aimed at enhancing player engagement and elevating the overall gaming experience. By integrating PepsiCo’s football ambassadors, such as Vini Jir and Leah Williamson, the partnership will bring real-world football talent into the virtual realm, bridging the gap between fans and their favorite stars.

A Shared Agenda: Uniting Football, Music, and Gaming

For PepsiCo, the partnership aligns with its overarching business strategy of unifying the realms of football, music, and gaming. Building on existing initiatives promoting participation and gender equality, the collaboration with EA Sports FC provides an ideal platform to further these causes. By leveraging the immense popularity and influence of both brands, EA Sports FC and PepsiCo aim to create unique activations that captivate fans across the globe.

EA Sports FC Diverges from FIFA to Forge New Paths

Following the split between EA Sports FC and FIFA, the former has embarked on an exciting new chapter under its independent name. This separation from FIFA, which has a long-standing partnership with Pepsi’s rival Coca-Cola, has opened doors for EA Sports FC to explore fresh opportunities. Free from constraints that previously hindered collaboration, EA Sports FC and PepsiCo can now join forces and create remarkable synergies that will captivate football enthusiasts worldwide.

Broadening Horizons and Expanding Reach

The partnership between EA Sports FC and PepsiCo represents a mutually beneficial opportunity to expand audience reach. By capitalizing on each other’s vast brand recognition and global presence, both entities can tap into new demographics and engage fans on a larger scale. This collaboration not only enhances EA Sports FC’s position in the gaming industry but also drives brand equity and sales for Pepsi, Gatorade, and Lay’s.

Gaming Industry’s Remarkable Boost from PepsiCo’s Involvement

PepsiCo’s major deal with EA Sports FC signifies a significant boost for the competitive gaming industry. At a time when some brands remain skeptical about the return on investment (ROI) in esports, PepsiCo’s commitment to the gaming passion point reinforces its confidence in the industry’s growth potential. By viewing esports as one touchpoint within their broader gaming strategy, PepsiCo aims to capitalize on the scale and momentum of this flourishing sector.


The groundbreaking partnership between EA Sports FC and PepsiCo marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of football gaming. With EA Sports FC venturing into new territory as an independent entity and PepsiCo bringing its esteemed brands to the virtual football arena, fans can anticipate a gaming experience like never before. By combining their expertise, reach, and shared passion for football, EA Sports FC and PepsiCo are poised to captivate audiences worldwide, uniting the realms of gaming, music, and football in an unforgettable fusion of entertainment.