Enigma Gaming, the triumphant team from the PNC 2023 Qualifiers, is all set to make history as the first-ever Indian outfit to compete at the prestigious international PC gaming tournament in Seoul, South Korea. With an impressive performance in the Indian qualifiers, Enigma Gaming secured their spot among the top 16 countries, vying for a share of the massive $300,000 prize pool from September 15 to 17. Led by Team Captain Salman Patel, the five-man squad is brimming with enthusiasm and determination to showcase their skills on the global stage and make India proud.

A Dominant Journey to Success

The PNC 2023 Qualifiers, powered by Skyesports, opened doors for all Indian PC gamers to try their luck at turning pro. Enigma Gaming exhibited their prowess as they navigated through the intense qualifiers and emerged as the champions in the PNC 2023 Qualifier Finale from July 28 to 30. With an aggressive and dominant strategy, they earned an impressive 165 points in the Overall Standings, leaving the second-place team, 4guys, 21 points behind.

Representing the Nation with Pride

For the first time, India was granted a slot in the PNC 2023, a testament to the rapid growth and potential of the esports industry in the country. Enigma Gaming, comprising Trnsluc3nt, Toretto, Salman, Unforgiven, and Raxial, will be holding the national flag high as they step onto the international stage in Seoul, South Korea. Team Captain Salman Patel expressed his pride in representing the country and assured that they would do their best to make India proud. Their battle cry, #FearTheEnigma, resonates with their unwavering confidence and determination to excel.

Rewarding Victory and Recognition

Enigma Gaming not only earned the honor of representing India at PNC 2023 but also secured a significant financial boost. The team will walk away with Rs. 600,000 for their victory in the Indian qualifiers. The PNC 2023 India Qualifiers featured an impressive Rs. 2,000,000 prize pool, making it one of the biggest PC gaming tournaments to date in the country. Such lucrative opportunities encourage aspiring gamers and reinforce the growth of the esports industry in India.

Skyesports’ Commitment to the Esports Ecosystem

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports, expressed his pride in providing a platform for Indian teams to compete at an international level. He emphasized the importance of diversifying the esports landscape in India across multiple PC and mobile games, with publisher-supported events playing a crucial role in realizing this vision. Skyesports’ commitment to fostering talent and creating opportunities is evident through the successful execution of the PNC 2023 Qualifiers.


Enigma Gaming’s journey to becoming the first team to represent India at PNC 2023 is a testament to the growing influence of Indian esports on the global stage. With their eyes set on victory and the national colors held high, Enigma Gaming is ready to face the top 16 countries in Seoul. The support from Skyesports and the enticing prize pool demonstrate the tremendous potential and opportunities that lie ahead for aspiring gamers in India. As the esports ecosystem continues to thrive, Enigma Gaming’s achievements inspire and ignite a new era of competitive gaming in the country.