As the FUTTIES promotion continues to captivate FIFA 23 players, the 87+ Player Pick Squad Building Challenge (SBC) has made a return to Ultimate Team, offering an enticing opportunity to secure high-rated players. With FUTTIES Team 4 introducing sought-after cards like the 99-rated Mbappe, players are eager to maximize their chances of packing valuable additions to their squads. This guide presents a comprehensive breakdown of completing the 87+ Player Pick SBC, outlining the requirements, expected costs, and the potential rewards that await.

87+ Player Pick SBC: Requirements and Costs

The 87+ Player Pick SBC serves as a valuable avenue for acquiring fodder and high-rated players. With straightforward prerequisites, FUT veterans will find this challenge appealing for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The requirements for completing the SBC are as follows:

  • Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11
  • Squad Rating: Minimum of 84
Expected Reward

Upon completing the 87+ Player Pick SBC, players will receive one of four 87+ Rare Gold Players. This reward offers the tantalizing prospect of obtaining a highly-rated player from a selection of rare gold cards, including top-tier FUTTIES Team 4 additions.

Estimated Fodder Cost

Current market trends indicate an estimated fodder cost ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 FUT Coins across all platforms. This relatively modest investment presents an economical opportunity for players to gather the necessary resources and undertake the Squad Building Challenge multiple times.

Analysis: Is the Effort Worth It?

The simplicity of the 87+ Player Pick SBC, coupled with its low-cost requirement, positions it as an ideal option for grinding out valuable fodder and high-rated players. With an average squad rating of 84, players have flexibility in utilizing a variety of available cards. The minimal fodder cost, below 30,000 FUT Coins, encourages repeated attempts to capitalize on the chances of securing coveted FUTTIES and Best of Batch 2 cards.

Rewards and Opportunities

The FUTTIES Team 4 boasts a collection of highly-rated and overpowered cards that players can potentially secure through the 87+ Player Pick SBC. This SBC also includes the sought-after Best of Batch 2 cards, further enhancing its appeal. As players strive to enhance their FUT squads, the opportunity to attain these valuable assets becomes a driving force in engaging with the SBC.


As FIFA 23 approaches the final stages of its lifecycle, the 87+ Player Pick SBC provides players with an enticing chance to bolster their squads with high-rated players and sought-after FUTTIES cards. Its straightforward requirements, affordable cost, and potential for rewarding top-tier players make it a prime candidate for dedicated grinding. Embrace this opportunity during the remaining period of the FUTTIES promo and elevate your Ultimate Team to new heights.