FIFA, the popular football video game franchise developed by EA Sports, has captivated millions of fans around the world. Each year, players eagerly await the release of new editions, looking forward to fresh gameplay features, improved graphics, and exciting in-game rewards. One highly anticipated event in FIFA is the Prime Gaming Pack, which offers exclusive bonuses to players. In this blog post, we will explore the expected release date of the FIFA 23 May Prime Gaming Pack and delve into the highly coveted Team of the Season (TOTS) rewards.


The Prime Gaming Pack and Its Significance:


Prime Gaming is a subscription-based service offered by Amazon to its Prime members, providing them with various benefits, including free games, in-game content, and exclusive rewards for popular titles like FIFA. The Prime Gaming Pack is a special promotion that grants players access to unique items, players, or packs within FIFA.


Expected Release Date:


As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the release date for FIFA 23 and its associated Prime Gaming Pack has not been officially announced. EA Sports typically reveals specific details and release dates closer to the launch of the game. Fans can keep an eye on official FIFA channels, gaming news websites, and social media platforms for the latest updates as the release date approaches.


Team of the Season (TOTS) Rewards:


One of the most highly anticipated events in FIFA each year is the release of the Team of the Season (TOTS) squads. TOTS celebrates the best-performing players from different leagues worldwide over the course of the season. These squads feature significantly upgraded versions of the players, making them highly sought after by FIFA enthusiasts.


TOTS rewards often come in the form of special player cards with boosted attributes, offering players increased ratings and enhanced performance in the game. The cards are classified into various categories, such as TOTS Community, TOTS Premier League, TOTS La Liga, and so on, representing different leagues and regions. Players can acquire these TOTS cards through various means, including packs, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), or by participating in in-game events and objectives.



While the specifics regarding the FIFA 23 May Prime Gaming Pack and the Team of the Season (TOTS) rewards are currently unavailable due to my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, FIFA fans can expect another exciting instalment of the game with new features and rewards. Keep an eye on official FIFA channels, EA Sports’ social media platforms, and gaming news websites for the latest information as the release date of FIFA 23 approaches. Whether it’s the Prime Gaming Pack or the highly coveted TOTS rewards, FIFA enthusiasts can look forward to an immersive gaming experience and the opportunity to unlock exclusive content in the world’s most popular football video game.



  • Will there be Prime Gaming packs for FIFA 23?


As long as you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can link an Amazon account to FIFA 23 and enjoy new FUT packs and players every month.


  • How long does it take to get the Prime Gaming Pack FIFA 23?


Once you are on the Ultimate Team home page, navigate to the Store and then select My Packs. Your Prime Gaming Pack should be sitting in your My Packs section. Please know that content could take up to 1 hour to be delivered to your account.


  • How do I claim my FIFA Prime Pack?


Visit the FIFA 23 Prime Gaming website and link your Twitch account to your Prime Gaming account. Follow the steps on the screen to also link your EA and Twitch accounts. The EA account you link must be the one attached to your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team


  • Do packs expire FIFA 23?


Yes. This is still true. However, if you open a pack and then exit out of the game, opening that pack again will generate the same items as when you first opened it.


  • How many free hours is FIFA 23?


How does FIFA 23 early access work? EA offers anyone who subscribes to EA Play 10 hours of unrestricted early access to all of their games, and FIFA 23 is no exception. Once the trial period has expired, the game will lock until it is released to everyone.