Fnatic, the European VALORANT team, has encountered a major setback on their way back home from Brazil after winning the VCT LOCK//IN tournament. The team’s trophy, which symbolized their hard-fought victory against Brazilian champions LOUD, was damaged during transit, causing outrage amongst the team members.

Derke, Fnatic’s star duelist, expressed his dismay on Twitter, claiming that a baggage handler might have taken the trophy out of its case and broken it. His teammate, Chronicle, was skeptical about the trophy’s fragility and asserted that it couldn’t have been broken while in the protective case.

The trophy, featuring the green VCT logo that represented Brazil and the LOCK//IN theme, was severely damaged during the flight. The Brazilian flag, which was a part of the design, was among the broken pieces. It remains unclear whether the damage was accidental or intentional.

Fnatic’s win at the VCT LOCK//IN tournament was their first international triumph in VALORANT, marking a significant milestone for the team. Boaster, Fnatic’s in-game leader, was emotional during the post-match interview after the hard-fought final against LOUD, where the team almost faced a reverse sweep.

Despite the team’s achievement, the broken trophy has left the players disheartened and agitated, compelling British Airways to investigate the matter thoroughly. Riot Games, the tournament’s organizer and VALORANT’s developers, have yet to announce whether a replacement trophy will be provided to Fnatic.

The incident highlights the importance of proper handling and protection of valuable items during transit, particularly those with significant sentimental value. The broken trophy serves as a reminder that even the most prestigious and hard-earned prizes can be vulnerable to damage and mishandling.

It is crucial for all parties involved to ensure the safe transportation of such valuable items. This is especially true for athletes and teams who have worked tirelessly to achieve such a milestone and deserve to celebrate their success with a symbol that represents their achievement.

In conclusion, the damage to Fnatic’s trophy is a disappointing incident, and it is essential to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future. This will prevent the loss of important symbols of hard work and dedication, as well as preserving the integrity of the sport and its participants.