In 2020, the Indian government took a bold step by banning numerous Chinese apps, including the popular mobile game Garena Free Fire. Since then, Indian gamers have been eagerly waiting for its return, but with no official word from the government or Garena, the future of the game remains uncertain.

Recently, Orangutan Owner Yash Bhanushali spoke out about the possible return of the game. He believes that Garena is not doing enough to bring back the game and that Indian gamers should consider alternative careers. This has left many gamers feeling disappointed and disheartened.

However, Yash also believes that there are opportunities for Indian gamers in other regions, such as MENA or Nepal, where there are direct slots for the World Series. He plans to hold nationwide tryouts and create a 6-man roster to compete in these regions. He hopes to win the World Series someday and return all the love received from the Free Fire community.

While the possibility of the game’s return remains slim, Yash encourages gamers to continue grinding and to look out for new games with better roadmaps. It is not 100% confirmed that the game will not come back, but the silence from Garena is worrying.

As the wait for Free Fire’s return continues, Indian gamers must stay positive and continue to explore other gaming options. With the gaming industry constantly evolving, who knows what exciting new games are just around the corner?

In conclusion, while the ban on Free Fire has been a disappointment for Indian gamers, Yash Bhanushali’s outlook offers a unique perspective. It encourages gamers to stay optimistic and to explore other opportunities while also keeping the dream of winning the World Series alive. The future may be uncertain, but with perseverance and passion, Indian gamers can continue to make their mark in the world of esports.