Garena Free Fire with its current OB27 update is all set to fire up the gaming market. With a number of characters and weapon balance changes have been executed to keep the game fair for everyone. Aside from the balanced changes, the OB27 update comes with a lot of new content such as the new revival mechanic, 2 New upcoming characters XAYNE and MARO, An even more easier character stuff for users in the current OB27 update. This article reflects the top three huge changes that have been occurred in the current OB27 update of Free Fire.

#1. Character Leveling Rework:-

Free Fire users often find things difficult to upgrade their heroes, It costs a lot just to upgrade them to the maximum level, which then results in countless hours milling for resources. Although, the resources needed to level up the players character are  completely removed with this OB27 update. So, the users will now only need fragments in order to level up their character.

Also, with the new character leveling rework the max. Level of characters is now reduced from 8 to only 6. Although, the stats at the max. Level will not change yet, Above that, the awakening skills of each character will now merge with the regular skills.

#2. Revival Point Feature:-

The revival point feature was firstly been made available in casual games. But now due to OB27 update, this feature is available for all game modes. The revival point feature will permit users to receive their fallen teammates by entering the revival points scattered around the map.

#3. Addition of New Characters:-

  1. XAYNE:-

With the ‘Xtreme Encounter’ ability Xayne will be the first character to make its way in OB27 update. Xayne is a huge fan of extreme sports and her ability will allow her to achieve bonus HP and deal extra damage to Gloo walls and shields. Xayne is a perfect counter for Chrono, who depends on his bulky shields.

  1. MARO:-

A perfect character for those who love the sniper gameplay. Maro comes with the ability that lets him to deal more damage against targets who are far away distance. This character is said to be a collaboration character to an celebrity, As the details will be revealed at a later date.

Many changes have been applied in the game with the arrival of OB27 update. Players who are playing the game from long time especially veterans would definitely love this new update and they will feel fresh and new. As it would also be more simpler for new comers to understand the game.

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