Garena offers players multiple ways to claim Free Fire Diamonds.
Diamonds can be used to buy cosmetic items like skins.
There are multiple offers on Free Fire which let players get bonuses for topping up.
Garena Free Fire’s in-game currency called Diamonds can be used to buy cool cosmetic items for your character or weapon. These do have an impact on the actual gameplay. Diamonds can also be used to unlock characters. However, this doesn’t make the game pay-to-win as there are multiple ways to unlock characters other than using Free Fire Diamonds.

How To Get Free Fire Diamonds Without Top Up
Garena Free Fire recently announced a global collaboration with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as character Chrono. Players who update Free Fire between 7th and 12th December will get free rewards to collect in the game. Players can claim free and exclusive rewards including 2 Weapon Royale and 2 Diamond Royale vouchers. These vouchers can be used to spin The Royale.

Free Fire Update vouchers
Courtesy: Garena
Run Free Fire and click on the “Calendar” icon present on the right side of the lobby screen. Navigate through the “Operation Chrono” event tab and tap the “Update Patch on 7/12” section. Players then have to navigate and click on the “Claim” button to obtain the rewards from the game.

Garena Free Fire Officially Announced Collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo in Operation Chrono Update

Google Opinion Rewards: Google Opinion Rewards is an app you can download from the Play Store. Answer surveys and earn Google Play balance. Players can then use this to top up Free Fire Diamonds. Currently, there is another offer which lets players unlock Joseph for their first Diamond top-up.

Google Opinion Rewards
Courtesy: Google
How To Top Up Diamonds In Free Fire (Through Payment)
Players can top up Free Fire Diamonds by purchasing them through the Play Store. There are multiple options players can choose from including UPI, net banking, debit card and credit card.

Payment Options in Garena
Courtesy: Google/Garena
Garena has announced a 100% top-up bonus to all the players who buy Diamonds through the Free Fire top-up centre. Visit the Garena Top Up Center through this link which redirects you to Games Kharido.

Garena Top-up centre
Courtesy: Garena
Log in with your Free Fire ID and choose a mode of payment. Complete your payment and wait a few minutes before you log on to Free Fire. You will see your diamonds there. Players who have bought the Free Fire pass can also level up their passes for a total of 800 extra diamonds.