In every 10 death cases, 2 are suicidal cases and now the no has increased amongst children. School-going students are committing suicide because of pressure, Depression and other reasons. recently in KOTA and now Hyderabad school-going children have committed suicide.

The number will keep on rising if no measures or steps have been taken. So the Government along with NPO should take a step forward to provide courier cancelling, one on one mentoring sessions so that they can speak their heart out and feel relaxed. They should be given moral support so that if they fail then no worries another way is there. Moreover, they should be thought that balance is necessary so they should indulge themselves in activities as well like playing gaming be it esports as there is a lot of scope in these fields as well.

In conclusion, one must remember that death is not an option. fight work hard and achieve what one wants to achieve.